YouTube Gets Ready For an Experiment On Thumbnails!
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The developers of YouTube are experimenting with video thumbnails. All the creators of youtube are being involved in this experiment. Its been our by a recent tweet to youtube by one of its creator.

YouTube Gets Ready For an Experiment On Thumbnails!

YouTube is about bringing new features. Right now videos of few creators have been involved into this experiment. And is officially been out on its blog.

Few of the youtube creator videos have been disabled with custom thumbnails. This is done without proper notifications to the user. Upon clarification with youtube on twitter. It’s been out that an experiment is been conducted with custom thumbnail feature.

The custom thumbnail feature has been replaced with Second Picture of the Auto Generated thumbnail. Making YouTube experiments with auto-generated thumbnails, creators not happy

This experiment is about to effect a small change in revenue of the creator. As the experiment blocks click baits. Official words by youtube say that 0.3 Percent videos of all the videos of a channel might get replaced with custom to auto-generated.

Small experiment with auto-generated thumbnails on YouTube

One of the workers reveal in YouTube Forums saying the below words:

We wanted to give everyone a heads up about a small and brief experiment related to custom thumbnails:
Over the next few weeks, a small group of viewers (0.3% of those on YouTube site-wide) will see the default. auto-generated thumbnail for all videos (across all channels) instead of the custom thumbnail. For creators, this is the second thumbnail that’s suggested when you upload your video. Note: this will not affect the content of the videos.
There are no current plans to change or remove the ability to add custom thumbnails! We’re running this experiment to improve auto generated thumbnails (a top request we get from creators who use them) by testing the effectiveness of auto-generated thumbnails.  
For more information about experiments on YouTube, check out this Help Center article.


Follow the information here:!category-topic/Youtube/-EpSdU2730A…

Many creators and other journalists are pointing out this experiment wrong. But from the developer’s side, Its some latest features is under experiments. few say that youtube wants to fight against Clickbait.

Predictions are done under different mindsets. But its official that youtube won’t block custom thumbnail feature.

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