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The real-life images of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker have been leaked online a few days before. The Mi Band 4 is the next-generation fitness band that is to be launched by Xiaomi. Along with the first real-life images of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, some of its key features were also leaked along with the image. The Mi Band series by  Xiaomi is of the most popular fitness bands available in the market and is also very much affordable.

Based on the leaked images of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it is pretty evident that the new fitness band comes with a colored display instead of the monochrome display possessed by the older version. The real images of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 were spotted on a Chinese microblogging website called Weibo. The real-life images of the latest Xiaomi Mi fitness Band, very much say that it looks really impressive and attractive.

The leaked images of the latest fitness band try to project the views of the band from different angles so that the viewers get a much better sight of the fitness band. The new Mi Band 4 comes with an upgraded color OLED display, which gives the band a stunning look over its older version which had the black and white panel. The new color display of the Mi Band 4 will surely attract users and since the price is affordable enough, the sales graph will soar high.

Features of Xiaomi Mi Band 4

As per the leaked pictures of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the new band will have a size that is very much similar to its previous version. The new fitness band from Xiaomi will also have smooth touch screen options, which will make it easier to use and also look good. Earlier this year the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 version had bagged the certification from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) at and that time, it was confirmed that the new version of Xiaomi’s fitness band will be released in two variants. In these two variants, one of them will not be having the NFC support, while the other one will have the NFC support enabled.

Another major feature of the fitness band by Xiaomi is that it is powered by a 135 mAh battery, where as its previous version had a battery with a capacity of 110 mAh. The NFC enabled the version of the Mi Band 4 will come at a price of RMB 499 in China and this will be around INR 5,000, whereas the non-NFC supported version will come at a price between RMB 200-300 in China, which will be around INR 2,000 to INR 3,000 in the Indian market.

When we have a look at the features of the latest Mi Band, the price is not too high and it is affordable for the common people. These days people are more concerned about fitness and hence this fitness band by Xiaomi has the potential to make it big in the market. While the actual launch date of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is not yet revealed, people are eagerly waiting for the band to hit the market and grab it.

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