Why Trekking Trip is Best for a Solo Traveler?

Why Trekking Trip is Best for a Solo Traveler?

Trekking is super fun when done with companions. But the greatest thrill of all thrills is walking the path alone, in companionship with your solitude. Just imagine being a solo traveler who loves to absorb nature and uses it to fuel the ambition of finishing a great trek. Now that’s a goal we all can aspire to attain. Many climbers go for trekking in Nepal, in search for the Himalayan nirvana of trekking. The most ambitious peak of all peaks is Mount Everest but many other peaks surround the majestic mountain too. Trekking in Kathmandu is also becoming a trek magnet to many mountaineers. And most of them are solo travelers too. So are you ready to set your trekking gear for the best adventure of your life? Let us guide you to get maximum fun while trekking solo.

Here are 5 reasons that make solo traveling the most amazing experience of your life:

  • No distraction
    While trekking alone, you can focus on your path with zero responsibility of keeping company with someone. This way you’re already in the zone and your trekking soon becomes a climber’s meditation. The only distraction could be bad weather. Aside from that, the majestic nature simply makes your climb rich and interesting. Some Everest aspirants prepare for a no-distraction policy to reach the summit successfully but there’s also Everest trekking that encourages solo travelers of lesser ambition.
  • Absolute independence
    If you are a big fan of traveling alone because it’s liberating, then you have arrived at the right place. We all have been in a situation where travelling with a colleague or a cousin is fun until it’s not. When toilet hours mean one has to wait for another person to finish, things get tensed and tolerance for other’s pace of climbing is tested constantly. That’s why solo travel is sometimes a very good idea.
  • Be your itinerary boss
    The biggest advantage of trekking alone is that you can always decide to simply turn your back to the summit and climb down. Your trekking itinerary only involves supply for YOU. There isn’t an expectation to meet which is mostly the case when one is trekking with an ace mountaineer. Going solo, it’s YOU who decides when to begin and when to finish, which resources to use and when to use them. Most especially in experiences of trekking, solo traveling is preferred by many mountaineers.
  • Find confidence
    If you suffer from occasional confidence lapses (which we all do, at some point), then it’s time to add solo trekking to your bucket list. The reason why so many people choose to trek alone is a big one: they want to prove themselves that solo summit reaching is life-changing, and can be made possible with courage. The idea of traveling alone is an empowering one and everyone should go for it, at least once in their lifetimes.
  • Goodbye, fear!
    So many people overcome their fears by traveling solo all around the world. Sometimes, we tend to base our irrational fears on the most amazing adventures. And this fear prevents us from experiencing them. Which is why trekking is considered to be the ice-breaker of traveling solo. It’s all about climbing hills and mountains nestled in greenery and majesty of mother Earth. Getting in touch with nature opens us up and prepares our bodies for several other traveling experiences too. So go ahead and step out of your fear if you happen to have one. Rest assured that trekking solo could change your fear and make your fierce, for several solo experiences.

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