Why Morocco Is a Unique Holiday Destination

Why Morocco Is a Unique Holiday Destination

Morocco is a land of wonders. You can enthral in the heavenly beaches of this holiday destination to hike on the North of the country, stroll on the traditionally old looked Medinas of various famous cities and many more. But what makes Morocco unique are the things you really should know before setting out to grab your flight to Morocco. You can have the Cheap Morocco holidays this time and it is not a surprise, it has a reason. Morocco is short distant for the people of the UK and yes, it is cheap. You should take the opportunity to get into the land of wonders.

Air Distance to Uk

Did you know that the distance of Morocco from the United Kingdom is only three hours on an aeroplane? This is an ideal location where any of the vacationers from the UK, can get a great chance to experience the diversities. When I came to know about the wonderful land of Morocco and especially this that it is not so far from the homeland, literally that was the happiest moment for my family and me. We intended to spend our vacations in Morocco and planned to discover the beauties and unique things of the land. That brought us to. the beautiful Marrakech.

That Was Our First Experience in Morocco

We landed to Marrakech, a very beautiful, full of charms, a red city of Morocco. It is not the capital of the country though, but culturally, it is one of the famous cities of Morocco.  In Marrakech, we discovered that there, people let you stay in the buildings just like homes, decorated like the older classical palaces of Islamic/ Roman times, they call them Riads. So we stayed in Riads.

You should also take the first impression of your trip to Morocco in the shape of Marrakech. Visit Djema el Fna, the centre of the city and square where all the smiles, colours, lights and charms of Morocco exists. You will find everything there, most importantly, that would be the best introduction of Moroccan culture and traditions you will further discover visiting the other parts of the country. It is really a unique impression as a western you could never have in your life, but literally, you will enjoy and will remember these memories later.

Enthralling Beaches of Morocco Are Not Common

It is true that Morocco is not a normal place. You will experience my words when you will be practically on the soft and white sand beaches of the perfect holiday destination, Morocco. We came to experience this when the beaches of Agadir and the comforts of Casablanca introduced us. Tangier was one of the very unique places to gather the comforts and pleasures in the world. I witnessed many people from west strolling in different nooks of the country, what they were finding for? Yes, this is amazing.

Moroccan Tastes Will Never Disappoint You

Moroccan tastes are unique. When we were served with the different Moroccan dishes in Marrakech, it was difficult to differentiate and chose for the best taste. Marrakech really has a taste. Either it is on the foods people selling on the streets of Djema el Fna, or on the top-notch restaurants in town, the unique tastes and spices of the world you didn’t have ever will introduce you. For me, when in India, and the neighboring country Pakistan, the dishes are still in my mind and taste in my tongue. I can’t forget Lahore and New Dehli in this regard, the same is with Marrakech, a wonder on earth for me. Lamb Tajine, B’stilla, and many other traditional dishes will make you the fan of the Moroccan cooks.

Sahara is Mysteriously Amazing

When we got to Merzouga, then the Ergg Chabbi, a very famous destination in Sahara of Morocco, it was like I went to the dreams of my book stories. I just remember my kids were excited because of a very strange reason. Including Hercules, Most major famous movies were plotted on the sets of Sahara. My little kid sounded Wow and then was very interested in riding the camels, riding on 4×4 cars. For us, the pleasures and warmth of the Saharan airs were so pleasant. I really enjoyed the amazing nights in the tents of Morocco and taking the meals, breakfasts sitting outside. We had every facility in the land of Sahara, strange? Yes, it is strange. For this, you must take the round of Moroccan Sahara.

Chefchouaen is a Unique Piece of Morocco

I termed it the blue pearl of Morocco, no, I did not, and people say that. Yes, no doubt. The most beautiful thing we could see in Morocco is its blue city, Chefchaouen. It is full of blue. Every house, every plant pot, every door, markets are painted blue. Amazing? Yes, it is. Leaving you on the point that why it is all blue, are all people mad to paint everything uniformly? Discover it to get your tickets to Morocco; travel from Marrakech to Chefchaouen, the answer to your question is waiting there. Good luck!

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