Why Is Everyone Talking About Viscose Lycra Fabric?

Viscose lycra fabric is the optimum blend of viscose and lycra and is more populated within consumers especially to fashion lovers. In 2020 everyone is talking about viscose lycra fabric and there are solid reasons also to love this fabric. It is also named viscose and rayon, fabric with extravagance appearance and soft touch. It has the quality of lightweight allows flowing effortlessly with your movement.

It is so sustainable

A plant-based filament, viscose is not toxic or polluting. Because of expanding fast fashioned industry much of viscose is manufacturing in the market very cheaply using water, energy, chemical.

It is often mentioned as a sustainable option to cotton or polyester and too famous in fashion industry because is a more cheaper and good alternative to silk.


Viscose lycra leggings manufacturer always prefer this material because it is very cost-effective. It can be easily found with end uses.

Great History

Viscose is the most beloved manufactured fibre with a great history in it. First being produced in 1883 as a cheap option to silk. Its production originally begins with wood pulp and now there are several techniques and many chemical available to make it.

To produce viscose, and make it attain up to regular wearing and washing, it is chemically treated. The recycled forest wood pulp is treated with substances such as caustic acetone, ammonia, soda, and sulphuric acid. We, therefore, have a fabric, which made from a natural and sustainable source, but that is created with chemicals.

Some extraordinary qualities of viscose

Viscose of myriad of splendid qualities, make it popular fibre to love it. That is why several industries is using it.

  • Versatile- It blends with other fibres very easily
  • Breathable
  • Relatively light
  • Strong and robust
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Inexpensive
  • No static material used
  • Does not trap body heat
  • Very smooth
  • Excellent colour retention

Printing on viscose

Anyone can print their design on viscose very easily in just some simple steps. People love to make a design on their dress, for this reason, it is so popular in the market.

Very durable

Viscose fabric is very durable to use with quality classics so you can update with more regularly. Low-quality fabrics do not last more than 6 months to 1 year but good quality fabric lasts longer.

Usage of fabric

People also love this fabric it is used, it is a substitute for cotton. It is easier to produce and share with others. Most of the consumers can’t tell difference by touch since this fabric is made from organic material.

This fabric is used as an application for substitute dresses, pants, a shirt to make a wide variety of different clothing articles and this fabric is used to make household items such as towels, table cloths, washcloths.

Viscose is also sometimes used in the application industry. Some business proprietors feel that rayon is a cheap and durable alternative to cotton. It is being used in automobile belts and many types of tires.

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