WhatsApp Stickers Update
WhatsApp Stickers Update
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WhatsApp Android has a new feature with its latest update. It allows users to send personal stickers for WhatsApp. Right now these new features are inΒ Β WhatsApp beta mode. So with the new update, users can have the full experience of stickers.Β 

You might have seen others sending whatsapp stickers to you and might be wonder with them. Now you’ve can have fun with stickers on whatsapp. We can create, customize and share our own stickers on this instant messaging app.Β  With the help of these stickers, Users share personal greetings and new year greetings with their well-wishers. So here in this post, we share with you a complete guide on how to activate WhatsApp stickers and customize them.

Here Is How To Get WhatsApp Stickers || WhatsApp Stickers Update

So let’s get started from the very first beginning. Firstly we need to update our WhatsApp to the latest which is versionΒ 2.18. Go ahead to Google Play Store and then search for WhatsApp and click on Update. Then wait till the update is complete and install the latest update of Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Stickers Update
WhatsApp Stickers Update

Once the update and installation process is complete, Then open the app. Now, let us check that the Stickers are enabled or not. Just get into someone’s conversation and right behind the message editor click on the Emoji Button. In there you can see a new option enabled which gets you stickers.

whatsapp stickers
WhatsApp stickers

Now go ahead and download the stickers for WhatsApp which you need. This can be done by clicking the Add Stickers button which you can find on the right corner of the stickers window.

add whatssapp stickers
add whatssapp stickers

Wrapping UP, Once you complete the download process you can share these stickers with your friends and well-wishers. We hope you found this post useful and do share this post on your social profile and help your friends to guide on activating WhatsApp stickers on their device.

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