WhatsApp Payments Crosses Over One Million Users In INDIA
WhatsApp Payments Crosses Over One Million Users In INDIA
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Payments are the latest feature from WhatsApp. This enables send or receive money among the users. Since in testing modes, This new feature is now being used over a million users in India.

WhatsApp Payments Crosses Over One Million Users In INDIA

With UPI (Unified Payments Interface) access payments feature on WhatsApp sends and receives money. All you need to do is to set up a Bank with your default registered WhatsApp number.

Make sure that the whatsapp number you use needs to be connected with your bank account. Then this feature can be enabled on your whatsapp.

WhatsApp Payments Testing India

Known as WhatsApp Pay, The company announces that they have been testing payments feature in india. Which gets now successful and crossed over million users. The officials have also declared that they have been working to provide best with the authorities of India and banks of the country.

In competition with the alternate payment system PayTM, Whats needs to provide more and more payment features in order to compete with payTM. As the app supports variety of payment systems making Indian users transfer money wirelessly and pay the bills.

On the other side where whatsapp features bank transfers only. But the trust levels of whatsapp seems to be quite high than alternate payment apps. As the users like to pay through whatsapp as secure as they used to converse.

Words from a whatsapp spokesperson, “Today, almost one million people are testing WhatsApp payments in India. The feedback has been very positive, and people enjoy the convenience of sending money as simple and securely as sending messages,”.

This makes huge competition among these online payment apps. So we need to look how these apps compete with each other and make growth in India.

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