What is Sound Healing Therapy? How is it Used to Cure Ailments?

Music is the only things which connect people from all over the world without any question. It has never been created; it always existed on the earth for centuries. Since biblical times or even before music has been a part of each civilisation’s history. People play music for happiness, entertainment or even grief.

Sound healing therapy has been a part of the history of this world for a very long time. From ancient Greek mythology to Mesopotamian civilisation to native American culture, there has been mention of healing of ailments through music.

What exactly is sound healing therapy?

In earlier times, sound healing meant vanquishing evil spirits through music. But, in 1940 for the first time, the USA military incorporated music therapy to their programmes in World War II. Today, it is used as an alternative therapy to modern treatments.

In this process, the medical practitioner uses music in part of the patient’s treatment. The mental health of the patient is immensely influenced when music is included in the procedure.

What are the different types of sound healing therapy?

There are numerous categories of music therapy in this world, while most of them are scientific; some are spiritual as well. Some of them are:

1. Bonny Method

This method is mostly used for patients who came to seek help for psychological problems. Bonny method not only involves music, but it also requires imagery with the music as well. Several healing centres in Pune include this method in their psychiatric wards. The patient could open up a lot to the psychiatrist when this method is incorporated.

2. Dalcroze Method

Since this method increases awareness and improves cognitive functions of one’s brain, this method is used to teach music. This is also a form of therapy.

3. Mantra/Guided meditation

This method involved voice-guided meditation. It usually makes you fall asleep fast and lowers blood pressure. Guided meditation, as the name suggests is mediation through one’s voice. You can do this yourself also. Healing centres in Pune teaches this method as well.

  • Nordoff-Robbins

Nordoff-Robbins method is aimed at children who have learning and developmental disabilities like, autism, emotional trauma or phycological disabilities. In this method, patients are taught to create music. The children by the creation of music will learn to concentrate and cope up with their disabilities.

  • Single bowl therapy

This sound healing therapy has been used since the 12th century by Asian countries for meditation and ceremonies. Sound is produced by some metallic bowls which are very similar to a bell or a gong. It helps you to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure. Also helps in strengthening your immune system.

Music therapy may be of several types, but the main point remains the same. Psychological well being is directly proportional to physical well-being. If the mental health of a person can be improved, half the job is done.

While creating music and taking part in some musical activity, your mind gets rejuvenated automatically. Music therapy incorporated with meditation makes the process even more fruitful and productive.

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