What Is Scroll Lock Key Used For? || Scroll Lock - Explained
What Is Scroll Lock Key Used For Scroll Lock - Explained
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The modern keyboard has various features. We know all about NumLock, CapsLock but no one knows what is the ScrollLock key used for. Here in this post, I will be sharing in detail about this key and its features. So make sure to go through the entire post.

What Is Scroll Lock Key Used For? || Scroll Lock – Explained

The Inactive Key
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So the modern operating systems are based mostly on GUI (Graphical User Interface). To open a folder in our operating system we just double click on the folder. In the same sense to scroll a page, we use Scroller On the mouse.

Comming back to DOS OS, Which was mostly built on CLI (Command Line Interface). Here, not mouse nor graphics were in use. All the work was done over there was just done by the keyboard on the black screen.

What happens in the CLI Desktops is that all the data or files are only in the text formats. To have looked over those, The user need to scroll up and down and read the code or text. In GUI we can simply scroll with the help of a mouse. But in those older days mouse wasn’t invented yet and the work was done by the keyboard itself.

The scroll work was done through the keyboard with the help of navigation keys. In order to scroll up the UP Arrow is used and in the same sense, The DOWN arrow is used to scroll downwards. And in the same vice versa, To change the pointer LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys were used.

So the chances of instability raised due to the line by line scrolling. This was the situations which raised to invent the scroll key and which is yet in use. Upon Turning On the Scroll Key, Using the arrow keys the user can jump from page to page upon turning it off a line to line interactions were done.

This simple feature made scroll lock key play a foremost important role in the keyboard by navigating pages and lines of text. But now in the modern GUI computers, The Scroll Key has no much use, It is because all the work done by it are made even easier by the use of a mouse.

Question Rises Why is Scroll Lock Key still in use?

These days Scroll Lock key is used widely to prepare Excel sheets. Using ScrollLock key makes it easier to prepare excel sheet. It makes navigation easier for the user. Its the main reason behind the availability of this key in modern keyboards.

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