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Kali Linux is one of the widely used LinuxΒ based operating systems for hackers. Available with a wide variety of hacking tools and apps, The OS makes it easy to hack or penetrate a website. In simple terms, ‘Kali Linux‘ is especially for those advance coders and programmers who are professional in the field of hacking.

Though they might penetrate ethically or not, As it is completely based on the hackers choice. But mostly the operating system is lovely used most by ethical hackers. This is because there are a plethora of tools available through the OS which most hackers need to penetrate a website.

Tools like Wireshark, BurpSuite and etc are available within the operating system itself. So that hacker can save his/her time installing this software.

[Explained] What is Kali Linux? What Is This Popular OS Used For?

So you might be wondering to know about ‘what the heck is Kali Linux‘..?’. If you are a beginner in the field of E-Hacking who want to install Linux as the default operating system? Then we do not suggest to use any Linux distro as the default os.

Reasons here are too simple:

  1. You Don’t Know Anything About Linux
  2. You are a beginner with no info what you are actually dealing with and
  3. You have no general knowledge of the system and the main reason for using it.

The first thing to notice here is that You are not a pro. As you just a beginner with no knowledge of how Linux operating systemΒ work. So why the heck you need to install it as your default operating system?

What is Kali Linux? What Is This Popular OS Used For?
What is Kali Linux? What Is This Popular OS Used For?

So How Do You Need To Use Linux Being a Beginner?

Being a beginner it’s not too important to use Kali Linux as your computers default operating system. As there are other ways to make it done for you:

  1. Dual Booting or
  2. Using a Virtual Player

The above-mentioned tweaks can make it done for you. These tweaks provide you with the choice to use Windows or Linux. You can use any OS according to your need.

What Is Kali Linux Used For?


So most professional hackers want to sort out their hack in a smart way (using easy tweaks). So Kali Linux is the best source to make it done. Here by default, we get 500+ hacking tools.

A hacker can easily customize these tools as per his/her need and perform the hack. By using Kali Linux hackers can penetrate or perform reverse engineering attacks faster. This is what this operating system is meant for.

At The End:

By default, this operating system is used for penetration testing which is also one of the main reason making the os hackers lovable operating system. Hope you learned something new from this article. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Do not forget to share this post on your social walls.

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