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Of late, a new hashtag #JCBKiKhudai has been trending in India and people started searching for the keyword “JCB Ki Khudai” over the internet. The “JCB Ki Khudai” has become one of the biggest desi memes of 2019 so far and its popularity is on the rise. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter has been over flooded with the “JCB Ki Khudai” memes.

What is “JCB Ki Khudai”

Well, the “JCB Ki Khudai” or #JCBKiKhudai is an interesting internet meme in India that has become more prominent in the last few weeks. The hashtag #JCBKiKhuda is indeed funny when we think deeply about these memes. This hashtag has become most popular on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, as more people are coming up and sharing these funny memes of “KCB K Khudai

At first, it will be difficult for us to understand why people are sharing the pictures and memes of excavators and JCBs, with the hashtag “#JCBKiKhudai”. There are also various videos of JCBs digging up the mud and dirt being shared on the social media channels. Indians are seriously Googling to find out what “JBC Ki Khudai” really is and these search terms are also trending highly.

The Real Fact Behind “JCB Ki Khudai”

The JCB excavators are very common in the India roads and they are mainly used to clean up the surrounding by digging up the waste and mud. An interesting phenomenon that we can notice when these JCB excavators are doing their work on the India roads is that the majority of people stop by to see these JCB excavators in action. The reason behind this phenomenon is still not clear, but you can notice it in every hook and corner of India.

Another thing is that, there are a lot of unemployed people in India and most of the time they might be embarrassed at seeing these JCB excavators doing the job that is supposed to be done by humans. People might be disappointed at losing out their jobs to these machines and these machines are doing the task at high speed and efficiency. The influence of JCB excavators on India, might be another cause for the high rate of unemployment. So this factor has also made its influence on the “JCB Ki Khudai” memes and videos trending too much on the internet.

Anyhow these memes and videos related to #JCBKiKhudai are gaining too much on the internet, especially various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. THE JCB drivers across India might be feeling proud of this fact and will have a lot of fan following on their social media profiles.

Most of the videos related to “JCB Ki Khudai” are getting millions of views on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, which is very much impressing. The high rate of impression really speaks about the success of this hashtag and how much it has influenced and being taken on by the people in India. Even though the origin of the “JCB Ki Khudai” memes and hashtags are still not clear, the end results are very much amazing and impressive.

With the current trend, the hash tag #JCBKiKhudai and memes related to it will be there for some time. This is mainly because the trending rate is too high on the different social media channels and we will need to wait for some more time before is ceases out on various social media platforms. Even now, you can see that these hashtags and memes are still trending right there on Twitter, Facebook and other relevant social media websites.

How to Search for “JCB Ki Khudai” on the Internet

So, if you are not at all aware about the term “JCB Ki Khudai” and the hashtag “JCBKiKhudai” on the internet, then you might be missing out with the online latest trends in India. You might feel ashamed if somebody comes to you and ask about this trend, and you simply have no answer about it.

It is never too late for you to know about these trending hashtags and memes in India and you just need to go on Google and search for the keywords “JCB Ki Khudai” or search the hashtag #JCBKiKhudai on any of the major social media platforms in India. Then you will be getting the answer on why these hashtags and memes are trending so much over the internet.

Once you understand on whey these hashtags and keywords are trending, you can easily tell and provide awareness to those people who are yet to hear about this trending hashtags and memes. If you are active on social media channels, then is might be pretty sure that you are aware about the trending topics “JCB Ki Khudai” and the hashtag “JCBKiKhudai” that are floating on the internet in India.


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