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What is it like to be a Ghostwriter for some of the ultimate Pop Hits?

Behind numerous of our favorite tunes, you will mostly find a tremendous songwriter who never the less can receive their entitled glory. This article is written to mainly provide an insight into who it is felt to be a silent partner in songwriting association with a megastar vocalist. To understand all those who have gone through the experience of being a ghostwriter to brilliant pop hits. In regards to this, we reached out to Guy Chambers who most certainly knows exactly how it is felt to go through this all.

Much recently he debuted at the age of 56 with his very first album “Go gentle into the Light”. Guy Chambers had quite a remarkable and achieving a career with Robbie Williams as a songwriter. The album is a collection of Chamber’s classic songs that he enjoyed playing as a piano instrumentalist. He also worked together as a producer, songwriter, and music director in Robbie Williams’s initial five solo albums. They all were able to make it till the charts as number 1 in the UK album and have sold more than 40 million records worldwide.

Chambers and Williams had confirmed that as they went forth on to attain such success they hired the best Wikipedia Page Creator near them and listed their hit singles on the page that included “Let Me Entertain You”, “Rock DJ”, “Millennium”, “Angels”, among few others as well. In the year 1995, Chamber featured in his band that was called “The Lemon Trees” though it was disbanded within 2 years. That is how Williams meet Robbie through his publisher Tim Clark, who was a friend to Robbie’s manager. The collaboration began with a call that Rob made to ask if Chamber could write Dirty Pop for him and so began the historic existence of Chamber’s success as a songwriter.

Chambers stated in the interview, “I hired the best Wikipedia Page Creator near me, to present my entire experience and journey”. He has also confirmed on the Wikipedia page that he had also worked with an award-winning and renowned singer Cathy Dennis. Cathy was a top pop performer in her own manner. She was also known as “A half-remembered 90’s star” she also achieved 10 consecutive top 40 hit singles in the United Kingdom in the year 1990s.

Even she wrote songs as a ghostwriter and her songs that were sung by others were also able to make it till the charts. In the year 1992, she wrote her first for Dannii Minogue and the song was named “Love’s in Every Corner”. When she was asked to share her feelings during the times she wrote for others she shared, “I think I naturally thrive in situations where I feel that I’m the underdog—that’s the kind of thing that drives me.” Her best contributions as a songwriter were for Kylie Minogue (“Can’t get you out of my head” in 2001; “Come into My World” in 2002), Britney Spears (“Toxic” 2003) and Katy Perry (“I Kissed a Girl” 2008).

Guy Chambers is seen to be much more low-key in comparison to Cathy. It does not even seem as if any time soon he intends to bring the band “The Lemon Trees” reunited anytime soon. Though Chambers and Williams continue their alliance together it is the songwriter Chambers who has a new album out this time. And when Chambers was asked other than him and Williams who else could be considered as a songwriter who wrote amazing top sold songs without any hesitation he went on to admire anything that Max Martin and Coldplay do.

Recently Max Martin collaborated with reckoning names such as Taylor Swift, The Weekend and Ariana Grande. He has been achieving success as he was even rated as the 99th wealthiest person as a native of Sweden since he made the US $19 million in the year 2016. He certainly can make his presence known on stage if he pleased but Max Martin, unlike Dennis and Chambers, has not shown any interest in wanting to perform his originals or to perform on stage at all.


In the interview, Chamber was presented with a concluding question on his feelings towards Williams attaining all the attention, chants and adoration from fans while being possible sidelined?

To that, Mr. Guy Chambers responded by saying that he had no frustration of not getting to perform instead that he was just glad that artists were eager and wanted to perform his compositions and that itself was a bonus for him. 

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