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Few days of hard work earns you five digit income genuinely. Yes, here we’re talking about EVENT Blogging and how bloggers make huge profits through it. So make sure to go through the complete post to gain much knowledge about event blogging.

What is event blogging?

The term “Event Blog” refers to a micro niche blog which is targeted for a short period of time. These blogs are keyword stuffed to increase the blogs SEO and rankings under short period.

Event blogs are targeted for a short time, Either a day or a week. As it depends on the event which your blog/site is based on. These blogs gain a massive amount of traffic on the day of the event, Which generates DOLLARS for the owners of the blog.

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If you are an aspiring blogger who really wants to event blog and generate passive income, here are a few high trafficked event blog niches. Though these vary as per the time of the event, Am sure you can achieve success upon blogging on these below-mentioned event blogging ideas.

In the short term, you can earn huge revenue. In one day, you can do thousands of dollars. If you do not know about the event blogging it will sound like a duplicate. Wait a minute friend, first, let me tell you the feeling behind $$$$ in a day, then you believe.

For example, let us assume it Diwali today. And you want to share some Diwali Greetings with your friends, And start googling about the keyword “Diwali Greetings For Friends“. There you go, Event blogs rank’s on the top of the search results and you land on an event blog page.

So this is how event blogging works. But you’re not alone, As Diwali is celebrated by the people all across the globe. Making millions of users land on the event blog. In the same sense, Plethora of ads are placed on these event blogs. Which upon a click generates revenue.

Rank An Event Blog

So before you start creating an event blog, just make sure you choose a specific targeted keyword which you want to rank your event blog on. Take your own time to research on it and registers a .com domain on it. I suggest you not to choose any other extensions other than a .com tld one.

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Later host your site on BLOGGER only. Who knows if your blog gets ranked and start getting Thousands of Real-Time Views. So it is better to host your site on blogger itself. Benefits of hosting a site on blogger are as follows.

  • Security & Safety from google
  • Speed and Faster Indexing
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Usage

Above are the benefits from blogger which costs thousands of dollars from a hosting company. So to make $$$$ host your event blog on blogger.Β So in event blogging, we have created a blog on a particular topic (eg: DIWALI) and search engine optimization by ranking our website at the top of the search engines. If the website is on the front page, with a good keyword then it gets millions of traffic a day. By monetizing my blog with Adsense, One can make $$$$ in one day.

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and start your passive income from event blogging. The information provided on this page is just a summary or procedure of event blogging. All the tactics and strategies are individually dependent.Β Finally, I hope you found this post useful. If so make sure to share this post on your social walls and do share your impressions in the comments section below.

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