What Are The Features Of Jio App?

It hasn’t been a long since Reliance Jio started its services. Becoming one of the strongest telecom competitors in the market, it has come a long way. It offers some affordable plans and smart phones and that is why it has caused a havoc leading to a major consolidation in telecom sector in the country. The service provider offers free calls in all its plans. The data consumption has increased from 20 crore GB per month to 370 crore GB per month. Jio customers consume data of 240 crore GB every month.  

The commercialization of Jio has helped the owner Mukesh Ambani become the richest man in Asia. Ever since its inception, the company continues to grow with new subscribers joining the network every month. One can easily use their favorite apps like WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp for instant messaging. 

With the digitization and the rise of smart phone technology, the telecom operators have made it simpler for the subscribers to carry out the basic functions related to their sim cards and internet plans. There was a time when checking the balance, the call talk time, the plan expiration date used to be a difficult and tedious task. One had to visit the nearby telecom shop and stand in line in order to get access to the user information. But thanks to the new Jio app, now getting access to such information has become very easy. Now one can check the balance, the new recharge plans, latest offers, discounts, and much more on their mobile phones. MyJio app allows the users to directly get access to the information regarding not only their existing plan, but also about any of the latest things the telecom operators have to offer. 

If you are one of those people who have not yet availed this service, download and install the Jio app now and get started. Here are some of the features of the app – 

Quick log-in

The good thing about MyJio app is that one doesn’t have to go through a lengthy login process. The log-in process is simple and quick. One can login to the app by using JioID or by using the OTP method. Whenever one has to check the account details likes the used data, the expiry date or any other detail, one has to open the app and all the details will be on the screen.

Jio pay

Another interesting feature in the MyJio app is the JioPay integration. Here one can have e-wallets, and can access to the payment instruments and avail recharge plans and exciting offers. One can link their Jio account to JioMoney, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

Voice assistant

Jio voice assistant can be summoned when one says ‘HelloJio’. This assistance features help one resolve queries, questions, and support.


This is a very important feature of the app that assists in resolving issues and troubleshooting errors. One can directly contact the JioCare experts by the customer help/support to raise a service request or troubleshoot device issue.


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