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Players seem to like fighting games more and what’s better than enjoying a little gunfight along with some action?Β 

There are countless games that fit the description provided above but only some get to reach the top tier since they don’t classify as the best games out there.

In one such case, Mass effect andromeda has been on the tip of fans’ tongues for a while due to its interesting plot, depth, awesome weapons and difficulty.

Fans have reported being amazed by the variety of weapons they can choose from.

Starting from pistols, swords, shotguns to assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and much more! All of this just under one game.

But which weapons are the best to use in the game? Don’t worry we’re here to review the Mass Effect Andromeda Best Weapons so doesn’t go anywhere and read the article till the end.

  • Valkyrie Assault Rifle V

The Valkyrie Assault Rifle V is of top-quality, it fires two-round bursts at a time to disengage enemy troops from continuing forward.

Its precision is deadly, as it can score headshots if handled by the right guy. There is a skill required but rest assured, this rifle will get your work done. The Valkyrie is a quick business, it will cleanse the battlefield in no time.

  • Isharay Sniper Rifle

Possibly the best sniper rifle in the game, the Isharay is definitely a beast when it comes to killing enemies like flies. Unlike assault rifles, shotguns or pistols this sniper rifle requires effort. In that, you have to make sure that every shot taken hits the mark. Otherwise, you’ll be left loading and that consumes some time.Β 

But other than the reloading speed, the Isharay is something that can score big bosses too. It hits effectively and if picked at the right spot, you can easily find the enemy dead on the floor.

  • Dhan Shotgun 5

Next up, we have the famous shotgun preferred by many shotgun enthusiasts in the game. The Dhan is second to none when it comes to killing. Like most shotguns, this weapon is not your average shotgun. Against all complaints, Dhan can fire medium-ranged projectiles that hit with a tremendous force.Β 

Even though it’s dangerous at the low level, once upgraded, the user can wield a superweapon in his hands and make enemies quiver at the sight of such a powerful weapon.

  • Ruzad Shotgun V

We’re pairing in the Ruzad for comparison between these two shotguns. Although this weapon has been a recent addition to the game, it can create havoc on the battlefield. However, it strikes slow. One needs to take caution and prepare backup if its shot misses the intended target. But if they hit then the enemy won’t stand for long.

The Ruzad may not match with Dhan but on its own, it is a menacing weapon that can stand on its own and serve as a commendable shotgun in the game.

  • Equalizer SMG V

We’re going to throw in an SMG in this review as well. Players complain of being pestered by enemies with shields as they waste their ammunition trying to knock the shield down but it doesn’t necessarily happen quickly. But not with the Equalizer SMG V. If you have this weapon by your side then enemy shields won’t stand a chance. It’s enough to destroy enemy shields and enemies in no time. There is one thing to consider, though. For the Equalizer to work properly you should be in range otherwise it won’t hit the target with full force.

Which weapon do you like the most out of all?



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