Ways to Create a Better E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website is popular among the customers as it eases the shopping experience by offering a quality product at an affordable price with discount offers, but how to make an e-commerce website that will stand out in the competitive business.

We offer a variety of techniques to create a successful e-commerce website to increase sales rapidly. We use the latest software for e-commerce website development to offer an attractive and working website, when a user enters an e-commerce website first thing he notices is the images the website should offer relevant images highlighting the website products and services. Another thing is how it is different from the other e-commerce sites; this can be done by offering special attention to some primary products.

The content or Meta tags for the website should be attractive so the users click the link to enter to the website. There are new technologies available to make new amendments in the websites such as JavaScript it is still popular language to create websites, single page application (SPA) it is the perfect software for e-commerce sites to minimize the interruption and boosts performance.

Some tips to create a better e-commerce site:

  1. Customer Focused

The e-commerce website should focus on attracting customers because they are going to buy the products only if they are convinced about it. So the product details should be mention in the description, which makes an indication to the user as what type of product he’s getting from the website.

  1. Cart Button

Every e-commerce website adds buttons for a convenient online shopping experience. The cart buttons help the customer to check what products he is added for buying. The cart button should be highlighted in a vibrant color so that the user can easily access it for a great online shopping procedure.

  1. Quality Photos

The product photos give an impression of the product as to how the product looks, blur and low-quality images will result in customers’ bad reviews and loss, by adding high-quality product photos to attract the customer to buy it and describe its look and features.

  1. Adding Reviews

Consumer are always think 10 times while buying a product from an e-commerce website so the best way to convince them is through adding satisfied customers reviews so the consumer did not have any second thoughts in purchasing the product.

Using online reputation management (ORM) to secure the website from bad reviews which may result in a bad reputation in digital marketing.

  1. Category Page

To provide an easy and Hassel free shopping experience to the user, e-commerce sites add category page so that customer can choose what type of product he is been looking for in the e-commerce site.

  1. Grid Layout

Adding a grid view of all the products to make it more accessible and appealing to the customer. The user can easily view all the product photos and title description in the grid layout view.

  1. Mobile Optimization

While creating an e-commerce site it is important to optimize it for mobile usage because 70% of customers ordered the products from mobile apps or websites. The same desktop site content should be available in the mobile version also.

Additional Information:

  1. Contact Information

It is important to add a contact information button for an e-commerce website because it helps to interact with the customer and solving their issue related to the ordered product.  The contact button should be on the home page of the website so that the user can easily access it.

The contact page may include all the essential information about the user like email, phone number, social media account, and box where the customer may fill the issue related to the product or services.

  1. Social Media Links

E-commerce site adds their social media links on the home page so that it helps in cross-promotion of the website. Social media is handled by the active users and by attracting those customers may increase the sales.

  1. Search Bar

To make an accessible e-commerce website add search bar option so that user can enter the desired brand or product. This will make the online shopping experience more enjoyable for the customer and makes a good impression.

  1. Filter Option

When a user looking for a specific brand or price rate product it makes easy to find by just applying filters. Adding filters to an e-commerce site helps to separate the products according to the user need.

  1. Order Procedure

The order procedure for any product should be simple and easy and request only required information such as shipping address, name, and payment information. If it is a digital e-commerce site there is no need of shipping address.

  1. Confirmation Page

After completing the order you should feature a confirmation page so that the user will know that the order procedure is complete. Adding thank you pages helps to satisfy the user and provides a compatible and friendly online shopping experience to the customer.

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