Vikendi Snow Map
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The new pubg map update is on a hike. The players are eager to enter into the snow battlefields of PUBG Mobile. With the release of Vivendi Snow Map to the test servers, The mobile players are all free from the rumors.

Vikendi is the new map for the official PUBG game. With the release of few videos, the gamers all across the globe are on their madness to get into the gameplay on the new map. Now that the offical release have not yet announced but the tests are going around few test servers.

Vikendi Snow Map Comes To PUBG Mobile

Vikendi Snow Map Comes is about to release on December 20 for the mobile version of player unknown battlefields. With PUBG Mobile Update 0.10 might set a new trend to the game.

As per the news and our own research we can say that there are loads of new stuff comming with the map. New look, Guns, Vehicles, In game changes and loads of other security improvements are with the new update.

This new update will be available to download from 12 am (UTC) on December 20, 2018. New creates and suits are about to present to the players based on their killing/gameplay skills.



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