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Back in June 2018, I was helpless and perplexed. Even though the content for my e-tutoring venture was so damn good, I was finding very few takers for my website.

Like most, I was naive enough to think that just having great content was enough to establish myself in this competitive market. So I neglected the marketing side of things assuming that my prowess with content creation would translate into efficiency with marketing as well. That assumption led to the death of my dreams.

So being the wise humans you are, I am sure that you’ll learn from my mistakes and take the marketing side of things seriously as well. After all marketing is the domain that bridges people with products.

However, with so many tools in the market, it is quite tough to figure out the best tool for digital marketing.

Well I happen to know of something that is powerful, easy to use and with just $1 a day, cheaper than a daily dose of diet coke. It is- Lead Mirror. 

But with the advent of the google assistant, alexa and the likes, the world of marketing has changed. Even with the best of content, it is quite difficult to grow if your website doesn’t feature at the top search results.

Lead Mirror is an all-round intelligent marketing software, which aims to enhance your marketing strategy towards effective lead conversion. With a robust user-centric data pool architecture, Lead Mirror provides accurate data required by you to understand your marketing performance even better. From identifying your product’s visibility on SERP, your competitor’s positioning analysis and search engine optimization, to knowing on-page user behavior, Lead mirror has every primary marketing end-point covered to sense the user, understand the trend and nurture the product.

Lead Mirror is a mirror for leads. It’s a digital assistant that analyses and strategizes your web search, competitive positioning, search engine metrics, backlinks, and in-page parameters.

Lead Mirror has  4 modules. 

Organic Search Position tools shows you the dynamic movements in the SERP results for the chosen keywords. Also, you can select a host of competitors and monitor the ranks with respect to  the competition.

Link Sense monitors backlink performance which enables you to enhance the domain authority of your website. Plus, with its intuitive UI, one can easily discern the backlink strategy of competitors. All you need is to plug in the url and the tool will spill out all the locations that url draws links from.

The in page audit helps to analyse how well the webpage is structured at the backend. WIth the Semantic SEO analysis it checks how good it is to rank in google SERP. A few parameters it analyses are- H tags, focus keywords and the page’s meta among other things.

The standout feature is the page analytics tool which analyses user behaviour in real time. Using this tool one can review data on H tags, meta description, and focus keywords to help google find the content faster. Thus, improving the rank of your content.

Plus, it also provides you with crucial user data such as their region, time spent on the page and the bounce rate. Using this data you can optimise your content to enhance user visibility.

With over 70% of businesses now moving online, knowing the user behavior has become a key for successful digital marketing. SEO, SEM, SMM, and PPC have now become critical routes for digital marketing. However, their performance tracking and subsequent analysis have always been “the” barrier for marketing cycle completion. Lead Mirror in its purest form has been created to intelligently listen to the customer response for your marketing activities and take effective measures.


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