Difference Between Update And Upgrade? | Upgradation VS Updation
The Difference Between Update And Upgrade
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Most of us want to sort out the differences between Upgrading a system and Updating a system. This varies in several paths. From our routines lives to technical terms. Which means that Updating an app on your smartphone is completely different from Upgrading it.

Difference Between Update And Upgrade

Update and Updating are two most techy terms through which plethora features and patches can be added to software. If you are a gamer then you might have encounter plethora situations where you’we Update the versions of STEAM and Upgrade your console.

Technically the term update refers to fix minor bugs in an application. While on the other hand, Upgrade is the term which promotes the newer version of an application. Which means that updates are regular which are too often available for any software. If you take windows as an example when you encounter with often updates. These updates here are used to fix minor bugs in the existing system.

In the same comparison, Moving from an older version of windows to the latest one (Windows 10), Refers to an upgrade. Generally, updates are freely available. An update can be done within no time.

For an upgrade, we need to pay a certain amount or fee. Which means that to upgrade your windows 7 to the latest version which is windows 10. You’ve had to purchase the license or DVD.

What Is An Update?

As already said, Updates are regular patches to fix minor bugs and provide patches to the software. An update is simply a tempory solution. Which means that the developers make the software running without crashes.

For any software updates are available in less size. In most cases, an update will be in KiloBytes for any applications and is available in MegaBytes for a software. It is available for free from the developers of the app or software.

Remember, An update never changes the default user settings nor make any change to the database or core files.


  • Windows Update

What Is An Upgrade?

Upgrading a system or software provides you with its latest features apart from bugs. Which means that upgrades are available in Versions. Upgrading to a new version brings you the advanced appearance of the app or software.

In simple words, An upgrade makes an app appear fresh and provides new features and functionalities. For any upgrade, you need to pay the certain charge. If you are using any kinda paid software then in most cases the developers charge for the latest upgrade.

So the main key point to note is that an update is to make the app secure while the upgrade is to make a clean version of the app with more high-end features and design.


  • Version Upgrade (updating windows 7 to 8 or 8.1 or to Windows 10)

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The Difference Between Update And Upgrade

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