Understanding Local Google Algorithm Guide for SEO

Understanding Local Google Algorithm Guide for SEO

Google is a powerful tool and it can help businesses in achieving more visibility and success. Google is regularly updating the algorithm so that it can offer better services to the users. It is important that you keep up with the new upgrades because they are effective in taking the business to the next level. The algorithm changes are helpful in improving the visibility of the businesses.

Google updates can be tricky and unpredictable. Google algorithms can be confusing so it is better to take help from professionals like local SEO services UK. Here is a guide that will give you a better understanding of the local Google Algorithm changes and their impact on SEO.

The panda update:

The panda update will demote the websites if the quality is poor when measured against the Guidelines provided by Google. It brings a high-quality website to the top. The local pages of the website should be able to satisfy the high standards set by the Google algorithm. The content on the local pages should be accurate, valuable and engaging. Make sure that the information you are sharing is up-to-date and there should be no spelling errors.

Penguin Update:

The update checks the website for webspam issues especially the health of the backlinks. The sites that are full of unnatural spamming and linking then their Google rating will go down. If there are hundreds of backlinks originating from a limited number of referring domains. Check these backlinks if the page is facing spam linking. You should also check if the page has local listings on Google or not. The listings should have a URL that points to a local page that is relevant. The on-page content of the local pages should not be auto-generated.

Mobile Friendly update:

The update is beneficial for websites that are mobile friendly. According to Google guidelines, the factors that are taken into consideration include tap targets, usability, and readability. Optimizing the local pages for mobile use is not just for the ranking. It makes sure the users have a great user experience. To see if the website is offering the best mobile-friendly experience, they can use Google’s mobile-friendly test. The update makes sure that the store locator pages are completely functional and clearly visible on the mobile screens.

Pigeon update:

The update ensures accurate and relevant local search with the help of traditional web ranking signals along with local ranking signals like proximity and distance. The update makes sure that the local wen page is featured in local directories. If you only have listed with reviews on the Google My Business you are missing out on a lot of things. The directories with reviews are a perfect platform for citations.

Hawk update:

The update makes sure that the businesses that are in close proximity to each other will be able to rank in the Search and Maps. The similar businesses will not get flagged and it will not get demoted because of duplicate content.

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