Types of spine surgery

Back pain is a chronic pain which certainly calls for the need of a surgery. By the time patient plan to go for the Spine surgery option to treat the chronic pain in his/her back, Patient’s doctor will probably have tried numerous treatment options, to relieve his or her back pain or lower down the body weakness faced by him.

While there are no guarantees the operation will provide patient total relief, there are still a lot of options to seek.

Choosing to go for spine surgery in a good neuro hospital in India comes with a number of advantages.

Below listed are a few advantages of spine surgery:

1.Patient is able to move around better.
2.Spine surgery makes patient feel physically fit and healthy.
3.As patient do not feel any kind of discomfort, he became more positive and motivated in life.
4.Patient don’t need to rely on a heavy dose of medication to treat back pain.
5.Patient can get back to his work within a period of a few days and become more productive at workplace respectively.

If Patient is facing a health problem which could be physically corrected such as herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis, spine surgery in a good neuro hospital is considered to be a great option to treat the same.

To treat other spine or back problems such as serious infection or tumour, surgery may be a medical necessity to perform.

Following are some of the common spine surgery performed in the good neuro hospitals of the country:

  • Discectomy:

This surgery includes the removal of a part of a disc which is herniated and causing pain and other symptoms in the body.

There are two different kinds of discectomy performed by the surgeons namely percutaneous and microsurgical. The former includes removal of the portion of the disc whereas the latter requires a small incision.

  • Laminectomy:

This kind of spine surgery is performed in order to enlarge the spinal column when the spinal stenosis causes a lot of pressure on the nerve roots.

This procedure involves the removal of the lamina or the backside of the spinal canal, which forms a roof on the spinal cord. Apart from the lamina, doctors also remove other bony protrusions or spurs.

  • Spinal fusion:

Spinal fusion includes a welding process in which two or more vertebrae are fused to form a single immobile unit.

This kind of spine surgery helps to stop the motion that usually occurs in between the vertebrae and in doing this, relieve the pain which is caused by the movement like bending, twisting or lifting so as to stabilize a spine, which has been damaged as a result of tumours or infections.

  • Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty:

Both these procedures are similar and are performed to relieve the pain, from the back along with various other problems which are associated with compression fractures of the vertebrae.

Both of these spine surgeries involve bolstering fractured bone using a cement-like material which is injected into the vertebra by the way of the needle.

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