Two-Factor Authentication Explained !! Secrets Revealed
Two-Factor Authentication Explained !! Secrets Revealed
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If you ever signed up on a popular social network, There you might encounter with Two Factor Authentication. This is a security feature which secures your account. Alternate to two-step verification there is multifactor authentication which is highly secure that it.

“Two-Factor Authentication Explained !! Secrets Revealed”

Technology created is being vulnerable day to day. With the lack of updates and intelligence of security breakers the technology seen yesterday is down today. Masterminds who are busy in creating technology are being broked with other minds.

Two-Factor Authentication – Is It Safe?

Those were days where we used to keep our passwords safe. Its because they were the only choice of the security. If it got revealed or keylogged the hacker gets an easy access to the account.

Thereafter to improve the security two-step verification was introduced. Which is also known as two-factor verification/authentication. In general, If an account is logged in from an unknown device, Then a key needs to be entered revealing that the account holder himself have logged into the account.

If you have ever used this feature then you might highly aware of its process. When your account is enabled with 2-step verification. Once after the login, A security code is sent to your mobile number or to your email. Though which you can have access to the account.

Two-Factor Authentication Explained !! Secrets Revealed
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But Kevin Mitnick, The father of computer hacking had found an exploit to hack 2FA. to know the entire information follow this guide.

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