Top Foods for People Who Have Flu

Foods rich in essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants keep your immune system healthy. Then, medical experts suggest loading up your plate with fresh vegetables and colorful fruits during the flu season. Did you know deeply colored veggies and fruits are rich in antioxidants as well as nutrients to guard and increase healthy human cells responsible for fighting infections?

According to an article published on, there are some of the best foods and drinks to prevent flu. These include chicken soup, smoothies, fruit juices, light proteins, and many more. Read on to learn about some of the top foods to prevent flu this season.

Lean protein

Did you know that beans and poultry foods are associated with improved immunity? Experts cite that iron and zinc are essential nutrients for an effective and healthy immune system. You can keep the sources of protein lean by getting rid of the skin from turkey and chicken, eating the lean cuts of beef, cooked beans, shellfish with little fat, and flank steak. Healthy adults should take five or seven ounces of poultry, cooked meat, and fish every day. You can also eat one or two cups cooked beans daily.


Besides other orange-colored vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes, or carrots, try pumpkin that is rich in beta-carotene, a very powerful antioxidant. This vegetable helps you to develop your body’s defense mechanism and cells. Try canned pumpkin, which is easy to use, and rich in fiber and low in sodium. Pumpkin is the perfect base for side dishes and soups. Include bright-colored orange vegetables in your diet two to three times a week.

Besides, the use of Mybiosource PCR kits is effective in the monitoring and diagnosis of flu or influenza. Therefore, watch your vegetable intake when you have flu, not just any veggie, bright and colorful vegetables.


During the cold season, most of us do not get adequate sunshine or vitamin D. The nutrient is important for a healthy immune system and therefore, it is imperative to look for other sources of vitamin D in foods like fortified milk, juice, cereals, tuna, egg yolks, and salmon. Make sure you have two or three servings of these foods daily to protect yourself from the flu. Fortified milk is the best option for you if you have flu.


Studies indicate that food and beverages rich in probiotics, live bacteria are effective in treating conditions like flu and strengthening the human immune system. You can include yogurt and kefir, a fermented beverage and same as thin yogurt have live bacteria.

In some foods, the bacteria fail to survive during the processing; therefore, you should read the label to see whether the product has live, active cultures. The health benefit depends on the kind of bacteria. However, you should eat fat-free or low-fat yogurt or kefir. You can take these foods as a snack many times in a week to fight flu.


Get tested if you have flu. Besides eating the right food, consult your doctor. Use your hands with sanitizers before eating. Drink lots of water and sleep at least for eight hours at night to keep flu at bay.

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