Top 5 video interview tools

Top 5 Free Video Interviewing Software

Since the whole globe is under lockdown, the giant corporates along with the other small companies are working from home. Hence every department is working from home, the HR department is also striving to recruit from home or taking video interviews. Not only in lockdown, but video interviewing is also a tool that is frequently used by the companies to save time and the expenses, etc. So here are the top 5 tools that we have selected.

1- Spark Hire 

Spark hire is very appropriate to use when you are taking an interview with an enormous number of candidates in an uncomplicated way. The Spark hire provides a vital use to the admin and the candidates. 

The software cuts the time in half and gives you a better understanding of the applicant. With the help of this tool you no longer have to worry about the schedules, applicants can access the prewritten questions. The faint con this software has is the applicant can’t give a live interview from the mobile phone. Overall comprehensively it is very easy to use.


As the elite of the most funded and highest valued in the graph of AI for the HR company worldwide, AllyO has backed by there investors like Google, SAP, and many more.

AllyO gives you the best swift while the software takes you through the application process very quickly and systematically.AllyO will thoroughly cut down some of your workloads automaticaly. It will shortlist the candidates automatically and send you an email for scheduling them.

 This software will always navigate in an appropriate way to the new patron. This thing helps to understand the software in an uncomplicated way. AllyO is getting acclaimed in folks of around 25 years old, which is leading more community to this intermittently. 

3-Hire Vue

Hire Vue software is one of the leaders in the market serving since 2004. Hire Vue is a modern-day solution to the problems of sifting through hundreds of resumes to find the best candidate. Hire Vue software gives you marvelous access to on-demand interviews. The best thing about this software is the ease of use, timely. Hire Vue collects a digital talent pool with recorded answers to questions that I can see at my own time at home, at work, or on the go.

The support action from the team is awesome, they are willing to help with technical issues 24/7 support for interviewers and applicants also.


VidCruiter is the world’s most advanced video interviewing platform. it offers you both prerecorded and live video interviewing. VidCruiter pitch you both you can also conduct phone and video screens directly from the center of the website. The software platform is easy to learn and use and has many useful features like recordings rating comments etc. these basic features provide you a solid testing platform.

 Registration forms are customizable to an employer’s requirements. Once the user learns how to use you can usually fix issues right away. not a lot downside is there in the software, a few on the admin’s side is no SMS integration apart from that there are not many big issues to face.


Jobvite provides you the excellent candidate’s engagement functionality and some other boarding tools are top-notch. You will for sure love that the product it integrated nicely with you. Jobvite has some more top-notch features like online tutorial videos which will make the hiring manager work handy to use it.

 Jobvite is very buyers friendly. if the buyer hasn’t used any ATS tool ever, Jobvite has a very easy UI and anyone can learn rapidly without any academic lessons. one thing that could be better is there are many times that there is some amount of data that we require but we can’t create the report and keep scrolling through already available reports

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