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Top 5 Facts That You Must Know About Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common problem that a large number of people suffer from around the world. And Hair Transplant is an equally common procedure that millions of individuals go through.

If you are going through a similar problem of receding hair and are considering the option of hair transplant from a private clinic (clinique privée) then you must learn about certain facts of this procedure.

Read till the end to find out the vital facts that you must know about before going through this procedure.

  • It is a permanent procedure 

The reason why many people opt for this solution is because of its nature. A hair transplant is a permanent solution for the issue of hair loss or bald patch. Once you go into this surgical procedure there is no turning back.

So it is crucial for you to have a consultation session with your surgeon and clear out any sort of doubts that you may have regarding the procedure. If you are intimidated by the nature of this procedure then you can always go for less invasive methods.

For instance, Laser Hair Therapy, Meso Hair Therapy, etc to treat your receding hairline. If none of these treatments work for you then you can go for the obvious solution of hair transplant.

  • Variety of surgical options to choose from

Now if you decide to take on this method of treating your bald patch or hair loss then you must know that there are three options to choose from. These include –

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 
  • Advanced Tricho Pigmentation (ATP) 

Consult with your surgeon so that you are able to choose the most suitable option for your hair transplant.

  • It is a surgical process

Hair Transplant therapy is a surgical procedure unlike the other types of hair restoration treatment. This therapy involves the extraction of hair follicles from a certain part of the patient’s body and then incise to the bald patch.

Now it is the most common type of surgical process that is involved in a hair transplant. But no matter which option you pick the entire method of hair transplant involves surgery. 

So if you are the one who gets terrorized by the thought of getting under the knife then this might not be a suitable treatment for you.

  • Post-operative care must be followed diligently

Even though the post-treatment care involved for a hair transplant therapy is not much, you cannot be reluctant about it. If you want to achieve the most effective result out of this process then you got to stick to the post-operative care routine diligently.

From a timely intake of antibiotics to regular application of anti-inflammatory medication, whatever the surgeon suggests, it is crucial for you to follow. Otherwise, you may end up with a poor result.

  • Every gender can go for this procedure

It is a common misconception that the majority of people seem to believe that only men can undergo the hair transplant procedure. However, let us bust this myth for you. Hair transplant treatment can be done on any gender.

So if you are someone who is in need of a hair loss treatment then don’t think that you cannot consider this option. Consult an expert and get started with the procedure.

Now that you are known to these crucial facts about hair transplants, it is time for you to make an appointment with a private clinic (clinique privée) for discussing and eventually undergoing this process.

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