Top 10 Computer Tricks Which Makes You An Expert
Top 10 Computer Tricks Which Makes You An Expert
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Here we brought you few best computer tricks which makes you an expert in handling it. So make sure to follow the entire guide in order to know these expert tricks. I’m sure that these tricks gonna make you a pro in computers and also helps in saving most of your valuable time. All the tricks mentioned below works with a windows machine.

Top 10 Computer Tricks Which Makes You An Expert

#1 Changing Password

This is little awkward, But it’s too easy for everyone to change the password of a system. But can you change it without knowing the current password? No right? So to become a pro in computer’s the first thing to gain knowledge about is changing the password.

Most of you might think its too tough, But it’s not. One can easily change the password of a system without knowing the current password. Just follow the below steps in-order-to change the current password of your system.

  1. Open CMD with administrator rights.
  2. Now type in there Net User. This displays a list of current users in your computer.
  3. Now you need to select the desired user and then type Net User AccountName Password. Replace AccountName and password with a default of your own and then hit enter. That’s It, Now you are all set, You have changed the user password without the current one.

#2 Task Manager

Most of us open task manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL or by using run tool. This is the long process and one of the oldest path to open task manager. You know there is another way which easily helps you open task manager within a second of time. So to open task manager on your computer, Just press CTRL + SHIFT + Esc. That’s it, Within a moment of time the task manager window popups.

#3 Block A Website

Every computer nerd needs to know this tweak. So to make a website block all you need to do is to open run mode by pressing Windows + R on the keyboard. Then type in there “%windir%\system32\drivers\etc” without quotes and hit enter.

In there you need to open the HOSTS with notepad and below all the text you need to type the domain name of the site with a localhost address. This should look something like this “ WebAddressURL“. Replace the WebAddressURL with the website domain name which you wanna block. Repeat the same process with both WWW and Non-WWW versions of the domain and save the file. That’s it!

#4 Encryption

In order to improve the security of the files and media on your computer, Encryption makes it easier to secure them. So select the folder which you want to encrypt and right click on the folder and then choose properties > advanced > encrypt. 

Note that once you have encrypted a folder in your system, The your own system can only have rights to access that folder. No other systems can open it.

#5 Wifi Password

Yes, you’ve can easily know the connected wifi passwords through command prompt. Open CMD > Type “netsh wlan show profile RouterName key=clear“. Replace RouterName with the connected device on the system. And after hit enter. Then under the Security Settings, you can find the password.

#6 Know Properties Of Current Router Connection

If you want to know the mac address, IP address, and etc properties of the currently connected network can be done within a single command. Open CMD > type in “ip config/all” without quotes. That’s it, Once on hitting the enter key, you will get all the information regarding it.

Know Properties Of Current Router Connection
Know Properties Of Current Router Connection

#7 Hiding Folder

Folders and few important files can be hidden in a windows machine to improve security. This can be done easily. Select the folder which you want to hide. Rightclick On the Folder > Choose Properties > Enable Hidden Option > Click OK by choosing Apply changes to the folder, subfolders, and files.

Once on refreshing, The files will be hidden from the place. In the same sense, if you do this process on an external storage source like pen drive, Even it won’t appear on any machine. So if you want to access the hidden folder, Then Click View which appears on the top menu > Choose Options >  Select View > Select Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives and click ok. That’s It.

Hiding Folder
Hiding Folder

#8 Hide Partitions

Likely to folders and other personal data, You can easily hide the Hard Disk Partitions too. For this open RUN mode and type in gpedit.msc and hit enter. This opens up Local Group Policy Editor. Then Expand Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Choose File Explorer > Now Choose to Hide These Specified Drives in My Computer Open this file and Enable it and under restrict all drives > Choose the specific partition drive which you want to hide. Then click on Apply and thereby save the file by pressing on OK.

Hide Partitions
Image Source: WebDiz

That’s It, Now the drive which you have just disable will not further appear. You can easily enable it back by following the same procedure in vice versa.

#9 Access Blocked Websites

Most of you cannot access social sites or few sites in your schools, offices etc places. This can be bypassed easily with a site. Go to proxy site and choose any of the servers which are listed up there and start surfing. This proxy bypasses all the blocked sites and can be accessed easily.

Access Blocked Websites
Access Blocked Websites

#10 Grab IP Address Of a Website

Grab IP Address Of a Website
Grab IP Address Of a Website

If you want to know the IP address of a specific website or let’s assume that a site is blocked by the system, Then you can simply access it through it IP Address also. Open CMD > Type “Ping WebsiteName” without quotes and replace Website Name with the site you wanna grab ip address of and hit on enter. Now you can get the ip address of the site.

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At the end, These were “Top 10 Computer Tricks Which Makes You An Expert”. Hope you gained some knowledge through this post. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.


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