Cheap Firewood in Sydney

Tips to Find High-quality Cheap Firewood in Sydney

Firewood is one of the primary requirements in the winter season to keep our homes warm. However, problems in finding good quality hardwood also occur in the peak season of winter. We have to invest heavily in arranging a cord of firewood that sometimes goes double of the actual price. The question is, how to find good quality hardwood at cheap rates? It is possible to arrange firewood at a very affordable price if you invest smartly. First of all, you should be aware that winter will definitely come every year. Therefore, your preparations must start months before the peak chilling season. Here we are mentioning some important tips to help you in finding hardwood at cheap rates. 

Choose native species

Search online for the native species of hardwood that are most frequently available at any firewood store. Trees that are abundantly available provide cheap firewood in Sydney. Gain your knowledge about the native species of trees regarding which one produces hardwood. Not only affordable but native firewoods are more probable ethically sourced because of their abundance. 

Approach alternate sources

A time comes when native firewood trees also become too expensive to afford. In this situation, it is advisable to explore the alternate sources. You must understand an important thing that local stores are not the only sources of firewood. You can also arrange them from sawmills and arborists agencies. At a sawmill, furniture grade hardwood timber is mostly available to process. While trimming their planks, a lot of waste material remains behind that we can consider a great firewood option.Hardwood available at sawmills is already seasoned properly before using it for furniture manufacturing. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its seasoning after purchasing. Excess of waste material is easily available at affordable rates. 


Similar to sawmills, arborist agencies also consider firewood as waste material especially during the pruning season. They can provide you firewood in bulk at an affordable price. However, the wood available at arborist agencies may not be properly seasoned and trimmed. You need to approach an herbalist agency around 1 or 2 months before winter season. It would also be great if you contact arborist agencies in the pruning season when they have firewood in abundance and I need someone to declutter. 

Explore your personal property

Your own land property is the best source for cheap firewood in Sydney. If you have land property, check the number and species of trees growing there. Markdown a mature tree that can be utilised for multiple purposes is including furniture manufacturing and firewood. A large tree can serve both purposes. Its trunk can be utilised for making good quality furniture whereas large and small branches are the free firewood options. Get a chainsaw on rent and hire someone expert in cutting trees. 

These are some affordable options of firewood for sale near you. If none of the above tricks work, you can also go with the option of eco firewood. The eco firewood logs are easily available online and produce a good quality flame. 

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