Tips to Create a Cohesive Bathroom Space

The bathroom is the area that is mainly about the tiles and accessories. The more number of tiles, the better is the look. But if you are planning to refurbish this summer, then there are certain factors to consider while combining tiles of various textures, shapes, sizes on both walls and floors. For sure, we have to agree that bathroom tiles require a considerable investment. So it is always better to invest some time in research, and experimenting with the best options. 

Below are a few tips that will help you create the best bathroom look. 


  • Make sure to balance pushy patterns 


The foremost thing you can do is to utilize small shower tiles such as mosaics. That will feature the backsplash area very well, or you can even create this for other small spaces. Combine this with large plain glossy or matte tiles. Overall, you get a balanced design that doesn’t look flashy or too busy. 


  • Pair something with plain 


Well, it is not that bad to go with patterned tiles, even if we talk about the floor or the wall. But now the trends are much more towards the contemporary side. Go with something like Diamond Frosted bathroom tiles for the floor, while Stained Glass tiles will work best for the center stage. As a result, you will have a dazzling glossy background for the shower tiles. 


  • Experiment with the color scale


Another thing to keep in mind is to mix and match well. But you need to ensure that balance is all about the small and large patterns. Try something like turquoise glossy glass shower tiles for the wall and bath area. With this, medium glaze sea green glass tiles around the basin area and a mist green subway tile for the floor. Such a two-toned palette will help in creating a cordial assembly.


  • Try some neutral stones


From ceiling to the floor and subway tiles, gray color is something that can set an impressive style statement. To soften those grout lines and to form a cohesive design, it is better to pair them up with a gray sky wave gloss tile or a polished stone bathroom tile. Yes, you will see that supersize shower visualizing that neutral tone in a better way. 


  • Combine matte finishes 


For shower tiles or bathroom with a substantive appeal, choose two different tones of matte tiles and combine them with an alternative surface such as with wood-style or brick style, or even with plain solid color walls. 


  • Set a contrast of the glossy and matte 


Cut loose with pairing busy patterns and small size tiles – but with one shiny and one in the matte style. Go for bathroom tiles that have a high glossy effect to them, and pair them soft monochrome matte floor tiles for a perfect finish.


  • Change the shape, not the color


Definitely, it is better to go with a smooth mix that works in any space. For instance, take two same designs in the same color, but ensure to pick different shapes. And, let those grout lines form the pattern. The easiest way you can do this is by choosing a contrasting color like dark gray or light gray for shower tiles. And pairing it with white wall tiles and tiny mosaics.


  • Stay consistent 


Yes, it is very much essential to be consistent with the finalized patterns. No doubt, you can choose a range of colors and sizes, but keep the shape steady for a beautiful outlook. And as experts always recommend to choose a limited color palette. Even with grays and white, you can build an elegant bathroom. 

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