Google Classroom

Things to Know About Google Classroom

Google Classroom is one of the free web services introduced by Google in a way to make Smart School. Google Classroom helps all the Students and Teachers to simplify creating, distributing and grading online assignments. Along with that, the main purpose is of timesaving the process of sharing files and folders between teachers and students. 

Google Classroom coordinates Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, and Calendar into a firm stage to oversee student and teacher correspondence. Students can be welcome to join a class through a private code or consequently imported from a school area. Teachers can create, broadcast, and mark assignments all inside the Google environment. Each class makes a different folder in the separate user’s Drive, where all the students can submit work to be reviewed by their assigned teacher. Tasks and due dates are added to the Google schedule, every task can have a place with a classification (or theme). Teachers can screen the advancement for every student by evaluating the correction history of a record, and in the wake of being reviewed, educators can restore work alongside remarks.

Google Clasroom’s Features 

Google classroom ties Google drive, Google docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google forms, Google sites, Gmail, and extra collectively to help academic establishments go to a paperless system. Google Calendar changed into later included helping with assignment due dates, field trips, and class audio system. college students can be invited to classrooms through the group’s database, through a personal code that can then be brought in the student’s user interface or robotically imported from a faculty area. Each class created with Google classroom creates a separate folder within the respective user’s Google drive, where the student can put up work to be graded via an instructor. 


Assignments are saved and graded on Google’s suite of productiveness packages that permit collaboration between the teacher and the student or student to scholar. Instead of sharing files that reside on the student’s Google drive with the teacher, documents are hosted on the student’s power and then submitted for grading. Teachers may also choose a document that could then be treated as a template in order that each scholar can edit their own copy after which turn returned in for a grade in place of permitting all students to view, copy, or edit the same file. College students can also select to attach additional documents from their drive to the project.


Google classroom supports many exceptional grading schemes. teachers have the option to attach files to the task in which students can view, edit, or get an individual reproduction. college students can create documents and then connect them to the assignment if a copy of a report wasn’t created by means of the instructor. teachers have the choice to monitor the development of each student on the project in which they could make comments and edit. turned in assignments can be graded by the teacher and lower back with remarks to allow the student to revise the mission and turn again in. As soon as graded, assignments can most effectively be edited by using the trainer except the trainer turns the assignment again in.


Announcements may be posted by way of instructors to the magnificence circulation which may be commented on by way of students taking into consideration two-manner verbal exchange among the teacher and students. Students can also post to the class flow but might not be as high of a concern as an assertion by using a teacher and may be moderated. Multiple styles of media from Google products including YouTube videos and Google drive documents can be connected to announcements and posts to proportion content. Gmail also affords e mail options for teachers to ship emails to one or extra students within the Google study room interface. The classroom may be accessed on the internet or through the Android and iOS study room mobile apps.

Originality Report

Originality Report was added in January 2020. It allows educators and students to look at the parts and sections of the submitted work which contains the exact or similar wording to that of some other source. For college students, it highlights source materials and flags lacking quotation to assist the pupil in enhancing their writing. teachers can also view the originality file, allowing them to verify the instructional integrity of the student’s submitted paintings. On G Suite for education (unfastened), teachers can switch on originality documents for three assignments however have constrained cloud garage. This restriction is lifted on the G Suite organization for training (paid).

Archive Course

The classroom permits teachers to archive publications on the stop of a time period or year. Whilst a route is archived, it is eliminated from the homepage and located in the Archived instructions location to assist instructors to keep their modern-day training organized. While a course is archived, teachers and college students can view it, however might not be capable of making any adjustments to it until it’s miles restored.


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