5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet
5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet
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You’ve got a dive into this internet world. And now you need to protect your online privacy. This can be done by being cautious. Here we brought you a few things which you shouldn’t do on the internet

“5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet”

So here are a few things which you should never do online. Which means that you need to be cautioned about the activity which you perform on the internet. Yes, Likely to the real world the internet has many rules which upon misuse might put you in jail too. So here we brought you some basic methods which you need to follow and protect yourself in this online world.

Never Use Facebook Apps

Yes, You might use a few facebook apps which says that they reveal your history, future and some information about your previous life. Never use these apps, It’s because they collect all your personal and private information from Facebook and share that data.

There are millions of apps of facebook which compares you with celebrities and etc famous personalities. These apps grab your information which you uploaded to Facebook. All the data collected through these apps are sold to Marketing Companies. Which in few cases results in leaking your personal information to untrusted sources. SO never use these apps and care about your privacy.

Stop Sharing Your Live Location

Most of you share your current location to social networks. And some post picture on Instagram with their current location. Few post their current statuses are restaurants and malls talking with hashtags #Boring #Fun etc So never do that. Never share your location on social networks. Post images but not live locations.

This is all because of your personal safety. Anyone can harm you, And you might even kidnap. So taking care of yourself never share your current location on social networks like FacebookInstagram etc.

Don’t Harass, Bully nor Abuse

Always remember that words have more power. So never talk shit on social chats nor post content which abuses someone. Always remember grandmother’s rule. Which means that the words which you cannot use with your parents and grandparents should not be used online. So be aware of GrandMother Rule.

Don’t Tag People On Comments

Never tag your friends in memes. Most of the groups and social pages promote their business with memes. And recently its been on lit. Most of them get disgusted with those ugly memes.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet
5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet

Never Surf Untrusted SItes

You might visit porn sites, or few untrusted sites through which you’ve download pirated or cracked software and games. It not that your device gets infected with malware or virus. But the point is that the ads shown up there makes your device infected.

Yes, You download nothing through that site but those doge ads can make it done. So be aware of those ads and keep your device safe.


Be Aware Of Carders

You might get emails regarding iPhones or other costliest products, Where a bunch of specific products is placed and words were written that grab one of that product for cheap price.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet
5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet

Then after when you send them money they just block your account. An in few cases people send their bank information too. Be aware of these kinda accounts on social sites. And never deal with those products.

In the end, These were few “Things You Shouldn’t Do On The Internet”. So make sure to use the internet as safely as possible. And remember to keep your pride positive over the internet.

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