Bhutan is a special country both culturally and environmentally. The average elevation of Bhutan is 8,000 feet over the sea level abundant in monasteries and also holy places. The nation choosing Gross National Joy over GDP, accepting the culture and also practices in the modern age, Bhutan is one-of-a-kindContinue Reading

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From nature conserves to kayaking fun mountains, these still waters wave with marvelous scenery will lead to an amazing lifetime experience. Lakes showcase unusual of the water’s most alluring characteristics, from mesmerizing ripples and mirror-like reflections to crystalline clarity of the surroundings hemisphere. These beautiful lakes dispersed across the worldContinue Reading

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Why Morocco Is a Unique Holiday Destination

Morocco is a land of wonders. You can enthral in the heavenly beaches of this holiday destination to hike on the North of the country, stroll on the traditionally old looked Medinas of various famous cities and many more. But what makes Morocco unique are the things you really shouldContinue Reading

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