Reasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?
Reasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?
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Most of the systems get slower and slower day today. This is due to the plethora simple problems which most people aren’t aware of. Here we brought you a few reasons behind the slow working of your computer. These below reasons work fine on any kinds of operating system. Which might be Android, Linux, Windows etc.

Reasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?

We encounter plethora cases in where our latest gadgets get slower and slower. This is all due to its improper use. The way you’ve download files through the internet is also the major factor. So make sure to follow these below mentioned precautions in order to make you latest Android, IOS devices and desktops work under high standards.

#1 Installing or Downloading Unwanted Software

Many of us install, store plethora software and files on our computers and smartphones. This covers a huge amount of memory and in few scenarios, The HDD’s is completely filled up. So the heck happens here is that the moment when you install un-needed software’s, These software’s turn their process on whenever the operating system boots up.Reasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?

Even you know that you’ll have no use of those software and games. But we simply store, install them. Whenever the system turns on, Without the user’s permissions those installed software also turn on in the background.

The memory (RAM) installed on your system is used by these background software and only less amount of memory is equipped with the software processed by you. So make sure to free up space as much as possible.

#2 Reboots

This happens with most computer gamer’s and in few organizations too. They never reboot their computers and performs plethora of tasks. So the moment when you’ve to keep our system on for few weeks or months the systems RAM cannot be flushed.

What happens here is that the moment when you reboot the system all the processed which are controlled by RAM gets stopped and after reboot, All the processes done are started freshly.

And to install the updates, It’s compulsory to reboot the system. It’s because all the patches and updates are made a change to the system within a reboot.Reasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?

#3 Click BaitsReasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?

You might owe a high-speed internet connection which addicts you to watch, stream or download movies and software etc. So you surf plethora websites where you find pirated content. You may click plethora links over there and start downloading a file which contains a virus.

#4 Never Delete System FilesReasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?

I’ve seen many willful people who enter into the C Drive and start deleting all the files in there. They just delete the files whichever they wanted to. So never do that and stop others doing it. It’s because C Drive is the place where all the system files are located and upon deleting them. Usually, They won’t get deleted, But on continuous tries, those files get corrupted. This kinda willful stuff might also corrupt the hard drive too and damages the entire system.

The Perfect Solution

#5 Upgrade to Solid State Drive – SSDReasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?

In order to get maximum performance and fastest data transfer speed upgrade your current Hard Drives to Solid State Drives. If you own any old computer then upgrade it’s HDD to SSD and check the results.


#6 DefragmentationReasons Why is Your Computer So Slow?

The perfect tweak to optimize your current hard drive is to defragment it. With the default, all the files through our system are stored on undesired paths of the hard drive. Upon “Defragmentation” makes all the files to get stored under a perfect path. This makes the processing faster by accessing the files smoother and easier.

Upon proper act, according to these above tweaks, your smart devices and computer can gain high lifespan and perform faster. And at a wrap, these were few reasons behind the slow working of a computer and smartphones. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog rexoxer for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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