Some Important Tips When Downloading Movies
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The process of downloading movies is not so easy. You can face many tackles, so you should be aware of some illegal sites because those sites may destroy your device. Before start downloading movies or movie streaming you should make sure that your device is prepared for that.

There are some important tips that you should remember when you downloading any movies:

Know that streaming illegal content is not dangerous:

You are not legally responsible if you stream a movie or show from a website instead of downloading it. But it is illegal to make videos without copyright available to other consumers for streaming. Streaming video or download any part of it for public performance is also illegal. If you do not have the rights related to a subject, while streaming, a sword called law will always hang on your neck.

Search the Internet by writing your title:

There are many small computer websites that movie streaming for your entertainment. Everyone is almost free. Some of these will be detected soon by Google search. Commonly used websites include Project Free TV, Megashare, MegaShare, Putlocker, Shockshare, Dailymotion, and Watch Cartoon Online.

Never click “download” on a streaming website:

These websites are nurtured by unreliable advertisements and potential viruses. Generally, these problems can be avoided by using common sense better and you should not click the incomplete link even in case of confusion. Knowing what to avoid, you can access your video streaming in a protective way.

Understand how to use mirror links:

They are like a filing cabinet that maintains links to every available film and episode. By clicking on a link found in your internet search, you will reach a page where there will be lots of links like VidShare, PutLocker, MooShare, etc. The actual videos are in these links, usually ranking on the basis of usability.

Select a Mirror Link with a good ranking:

The title of an episode or movie is usually bold and colored. This is the link to your work. By clicking here, you will get to a new page, in the middle of which there will be a rectangular video player. If you do not reach the page with the video screen, close it and try through other links.

Click the play button on the video screen:

There will be many other buttons on the website, but these are for advertisements. These can be closed by clicking on the small “X” in the top right corner of the ads. However, many of these disappear as soon as the play button is pressed. It is usually found in the bottom left corner of the video player.

If you are unable to find your favorite videos, then consider foreign websites:

There are many foreign, especially Chinese and Russian video streaming sites that are out-of-date copyright protection laws I live and work. While this is similar to shooting in the dark, these sites also occasionally provide video streaming media (especially big movies) that you can’t get for free elsewhere. Be careful when using foreign websites: Here it is common to find malware and spyware. Never download anything from these websites and make sure that your antivirus program is up to date.

Expect slower load times than usual: Most of these sites use outdated hardware, allowing their videos to load slower even on faster computers; While YouTube and other popular Western sites do not.

Know that search engines often remove links related to illegal content:

If you have a lot of difficulty getting working links on search engines, click “Read the DMCA complaint”. Here you will find a combined list of all the links that search engines are not allowed to show on their search page. These links still work, however, if you copy and paste them in the search bar, they will be taken to the correct page.

Assuming that torrenting is illegal and there is always a virus risk:

Due to legal issues and the risk of viruses, you are advised not to download TV and movie files directly to your computer. If you are caught, you may face very severe fines and or jail sentences. Nevertheless, millions of people across the world torrent to watch their favorite movies and TV show for free.


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