SOLID – A New Internet Which Saves Your Personal Data
SOLID – A New Internet Which Saves Your Personal Data
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There are plethora websites on the internet which server the best and in return grabs the most without users permissions. They grab users personal information and sell it to digital marketing companies and make huge profits. 

The perfect example of these companies is Social Networks. Firstly they make users get connected to a place. Later they sell users personal information for different companies for a different use. There is no doubt that all these social networks scam us. And there is no social network out there which is free from data breaches.

SOLID – A New Internet Which Saves Your Personal Data

We all know that Sir Tim Berner Lee has invented the world wide web. Up to 1995 WWW was completely available and people started using it. But only a few know that this concept was planned in 1989.

And the best-known fact is that Sir Tim Berner Lee is yet working on his new project SOLID to save internet users data. Sir wants to help people be safe on the internet. Now it is the proudest moment for us to say that the person who invented the internet is working to make it more secure.

Internet Vs WWW

There is a lot of difference between the internet and the world wide web. The term internet refers to the internal connection of computers. While on the other side the term world wide web is a service which works on the internet.

All the social networking sites we use work under WWW. Which means that they provide services in the form of web pages.

The protocol which most of these web pages use HTTP was designed by Sir Tim Berner lee. The major source of this service was to serve web pages under free source. But in this generation, If we got something for free, It means we are the product.

Assume that you have signed up on a social network for free. But you see advertisements and promotions over there. Now you say, Did you got the social networking service for free? or You are indirectly becoming a product to their service?

Again you’we enter all our personal information on our About page. later this data is sold to some research organizations directly. Just assume, If data collected from the population of the entire world then what will be the price of it? We cannot calculate the exact figure but it will be huge.

Solid – New Internet From Tim Berner Lee

Sir Tim Berner Lee is about to create a new internet. Yes! A new internet. The main concept of this project is to make people store their personal data on their own device. But not on the servers of any social network.

Under the motto that internet needs to be a free service for everyone without any data leak. The new project SOLID is about to build. Which means that all your internet activity like the history, images you’ve upload and download and the text you share is saved in your personal pod.

So what the heck will be a pod?

SOLID – A New Internet Which Saves Your Personal Data
SOLID – A New Internet Which Saves Your Personal Data

A pod is a device which stores all the segment information under encrypted roof. So that all the data stored on your computer is safe and secure. This concept states that the data you upload or download through the internet is stored on your personal device.

Now that all your personal data is hosted on the server of social networks. With the help of SOLID, One can store his/her data on an external storage device or on a secure encrypted server and later share the information with their permission.

With the help of SOLID technology, users are capable of taking security measures independently. They can save their information in an external storage device like memory card, pen drive or on a hard disk.

The future of social networks will be built under SOLID technology. Thereby no one can have access to your personal data until it is shared with your permission. This technology makes all the privacy risks on the internet away and protects users data.

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