With the increase in environmental issues, people have become more environment-conscious. Therefore, reductions in carbon footprint, recycling of waste, and the use of hybrid cars have become a trend. Similarly, the security industry has introduced solar-powered cameras which are the perfect choice for environmentally responsible people. Moreover, solar security cameras are known to provide the most reliable security. With the advanced technology, you can now install security cameras at your home all by yourself. 

Here are some tips that will help to safeguard your home with the help of solar security camera.   

  • Choose the most appropriate position for the camera:

By positioning the solar outdoor cameras correctly, you can eliminate the need for installing multiple cameras. This is the key to an efficient security system. Incorrect positioning of the cameras may lead to blind spots. It may not be able to capture the details of objects that are too far. 

Mount the cameras on an elevated position. This keeps it away from the reach of intruders. Position the cameras in a way that it can cover a wide area, without compromising on the video quality. Let us take an example of monitoring the entrance of your house. In this case, position the camera where the roof meets the wall. This will provide a deeper field of view, and since it is in a higher position it is far from the reach of the intruder. Also, the roof would provide protection and minimize the chances of being damaged. You could also use this method to monitor the entrance from the backyard. 

Installing the cameras right above the door or at the side of the door in a slight angle will provide a clear picture of the person approaching your house. With this angle and position, you will be able to see the face of the person.

Make sure you have a camera set up at each entrance to your house. 

Since solar security cameras require sunlight to charge them, people tend to position them in sunlight and ignore the presence of other sources of light around them. This will give you a low-quality unclear image. Similarly, do not place the camera on a shaded area pointing towards a well-lit area. This will affect the quality of the display.

Position the cameras away from electrical interferences. 

  • Clean the lens regularly:

The camera consists of Infrared LED lights that support night vision. An unclean lens surface could lead to low-quality vision. Cleaning the lens on a regular basis will ensure that there is no dust or dirt blocking the IR LED or the lens.

The three basic areas to install security cameras outside your house are front entrance and the backyard, and the basement or garage. With this, you can keep an eye on your car. Be it a case of car theft or your under-age children driving off your car without your notice, you are going to be well aware of every movement. 

  • Install a camera at the children’s play area:

Often children play with the neighbor’s children outside the house, sometimes leading to bitter quarrels or dangerous accidents. It would really help if you had a record of these events. You can mount these wireless outdoor cameras on a treetop to keep a record of such events. 

Gardens are one of the favorite places of the thieves to hide in. Make sure you install one camera that keeps an eye on the area behind the plants or trees or any area that provides space for hiding. The outside wireless cameras can be easily mounted on a pole or a tree.

  • Install a camera above windows and extra doors:

Usually, people tend to install cameras on the main door and the front door, ignoring the extra doors and windows. There have been many cases where the burglars have entered the house through these side doors and windows. 

  • Install a camera on the roof:

In case your house is close to your neighbor’s house, the intruder might end up getting into your house by jumping in from your neighbor’s roof to your roof. Having a security camera installed at the roof will be extremely helpful in this case.

  • Make sure you have a Wi-Fi router at home:

To make the best use of solar-powered Wi-Fi cameras, have a Wi-Fi router installed at your home. This will get you updates on your smartphone.

  • Make sure the swimming pool is monitored:

In case you have a swimming pool, having a security camera to monitor the swimming pool is a brilliant idea. You would probably end up saving any person or animal from drowning. 

These are some essential crucial steps mentioned above you should follow to safeguard your home from burglars or unwanted guests. Safeguarding your home gives a peace of mind and provides additional security to the family; install a security camera at your home surroundings today!

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