What Is The Use Of Small Black Dot or Hole In Between The Camera and Flash
What Is The Use Of Small Black Dot or Hole In Between The Camera and Flash
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Ever wondered why there is a tiny dot in between the camera and flashlight of your smartphone? Basically, this tiny black hole is placed backside of a smartphone. You’ve encounter plethora situation where we could not clarify the basic doubts. These situations arise in most cases, With the features of the latest flagship or even with their designs. So what the heck is this small hole all about?

” What Is The Use Of Small Black Dot or Hole In Between The Camera and Flash β€œ

Most of theΒ AndroidΒ smartphones might not have these black holes but all theΒ iPhone flagships have this small black hole. Which means that you might not find this small back dot at the backsideΒ of your android smartphone but might find on your friends android.

Ever Noticed The Small Hole Next To Your Phone Camera?

A small tiny black dot which can be seen the backside of most of the smartphones in between the camera and flashlight is nothing but a microphone. Technically it is known as β€œNoise Cancellation Microphone” or simply known as β€œRear Microphone”.

The general use of this real microphone is most smartphones is to Filter and Cancel all the disturbances around the device like air etc.. This microphone is the main reason behind the smooth audio quality of all the calls and audio recordings while you record a video.

So if you are an iPhone user or if you own an android with a noise cancellation microphone then you can test it out. Just head towards a rowdy place and make some calls to your friends asking them to hear the external voices behalf your vocal voice. I’m sure that you gonna bump with the results.

This is all due to a special audio system which is embedded in your smartphone itself. Due to this special audio system which is focused manufactured for smartphones cancels all the external noises and filters the main and required noise into calls and video or audio recordings.

As this noise cancellation microphone just filters the external noise. The main recordings are done through another microphone which is just beneath the device. A noise cancellation microphone is not found on all smartphones it might be available to all smartphones as soon as possible.

Apart from the backside of a smartphone. This tiny black dot can also be found on a different side of the device. So this was all about the tiny black dot. Hope you learned something useful through this post. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below.

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