Secret of Erangel SPAWN ISLAND Revealed - Mega Loot!
Secret of Erangel SPAWN ISLAND Revealed - Mega Loot!
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Here in this guide, We show you the ultimate loot location on PUBG Mobile. The location we share with you is not on the main island. We visit a small island towards the North East of Erangel.

“Secret” of Erangel SPAWN ISLAND Revealed – Mega Loot!

There is a small island on erange in pubg mobile. It is the beginningΒ point where all the players have arrivedΒ before the airplane dive begins. So we need to visit this place to have a mega loot.

We visit the small Island to the northeast and find out just how many great pieces of gear we can find. Getting here isn’t the easiest, however, there is enough source to go there."Secret" of Erangel SPAWN ISLAND Revealed - Mega Loot!

As this makes no sense to reach up to there in the beginning. As there were no proper loots. With a recent patch, It made plethora PUBG gamers to have a massive loot over there.

It’s now worth 100% to check out. But it worth more to get there, All we need is a boat with fully loaded fuel to go there.


So land near the coast in the Northwest. and find a vehicle to spot a boat near to your place. As you can even jump from the plane itself. But I do not recommend doing that. As it takes you to swim forever and you might get killed by the zones.THERE'S AMAZING Loot In SPAWN ISLAND

Now go to the island and start to explore a mega loot. The island is loaded with buildings like Radio Tower Control rooms and etc. Just get into a room and start the game with a loot.

You find all the objects like AKM, BackPacks, Medicis, Bandages, Drinks etc. Simply check out all the buildings over there to find more interesting stuff.

"Secret" of Erangel SPAWN ISLAND Revealed - Mega Loot!

So make sure to check out this place with your teammates to grab items of level 3. This was aboutΒ “Secret” of Erangel SPAWN ISLAND in PUBG Mobile.Β Hope you gained some knowledge through this post. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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