Second On The Internet: What Happens On The Internet Under 1Second
Second On The Internet: What Happens On The Internet Under 1Second
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There are plethora things performed on a second. In the sense, There can be nothing performed too! Here in this guide, We share with you a few things about “What Happens On The Internet Under One Second“.

Second On The Internet: What Happens On The Internet Under 1Second

The internet is a connection on a wide range of electronic devices connected together. Millions and trillions of devices and websites are connected to it. Upon an eye WYNK, there are trillions of tasks performed on the internet.

So before we get into the actual discussion, Let me clarify you “How Internet is connected

Countries all across the globe are connected to the other via cables. These are large cables which connect one country to another. Mostly found under the seabedsInternet cablesplay a major role to provide the best connections and data transfer speed.

In the sense, There are plethora terrorists and other Sleeper cells who try to destroy the cables and stop the connectivity of the countries. Many people got arrested and were sentenced to prison.

The risk of these internet cables under seabeds is also hight. It is because the cables under seabeds get damaged with Lungers of massive ships. In some cases, These cables get damaged by the attack of sea life.

Internet Under 1 Second:

So what happens if these cables get disconnected. As we know our country have no connection with other countries. There are many people like us who cannot live without the internet get disappointed. And below are other discussions which gotta happen under one second on the internet.

#1 SnapChat

Around 527760 photos are shared on ShapChat within a second of time. This is not a small number. Five lakh photos are being uploaded to snapchat under a second.

#2 YouTube

After GoogleYoutube is the second largest surfed website in this world. And nearly 4146600 videos are being watched in a second. This is another large number. If one connection a country got disturbed, It impacts a lot for these sites.

#3 Twitter

We know that Twitter is now being of those popular social networking site. Earlier they were no many users on this social site. But now the site own’s a huge fanbase. Nearly 456000 lakh tweets are tweeted within a second on Twitter.

#4 Skype

For the last decade, Skype is being of those best application for video calling. And around 154200 calls are made on Skype within a second.

#5 Data Usage

The country, United States alone use 2650000 GB data in one second.

#6 Google Searches

3607000 Searches are made on Google in one second. 

#7 Wikipedia

Around 6000 new page edits are made on Wikipedia in one second. These edits include post update or new page creations.

#8 Amazon

Amazon is the best place to buy products online. In One Second Could Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion In Sales.

If one connection is gone wrong there will be a massive impact on these sites. In the sense just image the load on these cables lied under the seabed. There will be a huge impact on them. The internet cable at your home is just similar to the dimension of a hair. And here under the seabed, These fiber cables are too wide and transfers data at high speed.

In the end, This was all about “Second On The Internet“. Hope you learned something new through this post. Do share this post on your social wall and don’t forget to tag it with your friends. I’m sure they will appreciate you.

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