The Indian government banned PUBG?
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Plethora queries might arise in your mind when you heard about it. “Is PUBG Mobile really getting a ‘ban’ in India?”. So what What will happen if PUBG Mobile gets banned in India? Should the government not ban PUBG? and Why are there very few players of PUBG in India? each of the related queries will get to know in brief in this post. 

Before we get into the actual rumor lets know the fact in the past. Recently PUBG and Fortnite games were banned in China. So have a keen look here, The games PUBG and Fortnite were the games banned in China but not PUBG mobile and Fortnite mobile.

Though the developers and the owners of the game have their own copyright, But the Gaming Banners on which these games are hosted are different. The PC variant OF the game PUBG is under Bluehole holding and the mobile variants is held and developed by Tencent which is a Chinese company. The updates and other backend maintenance services are done by Tencent to PUBG Mobile.

So to today’s date, the game PUBG mobile has not banned in China.

According to reports the pc version games of PUBG and Fortnite we banned or restricted due to many psychological reasons. Because according to some research, These games were found to make children aggressive in the virtual and real world.

Is PUBG Banned in India?

Not completely, But a few private institutions and other educational colleges have banned PUBG game in the campus. Not all the colleges in India have banned the game, But only in few collective places where students were found to have a huge impact of the game mentally have banned the game.

It’s not that you’ve cannot play the game in these private campuses. The fact is that the place like hostels and other places where people use WIFI to play the game were restricted. WiFi facilities provided in college hostels were proxied to keep students away from these online games.

The Indian government banned PUBG?

Right now the government of India has no actions raised towards the game. So we might expect some restriction if the trend of the game continues. Though a petition to “Ban mobile game PUBG in India” was raised on but is not voted to hike. The Indian government banned PUBG?

So there are many reasons behind China’s banning of PUBG game. Few say it is due to RED blood color while kills and other says reasons specifying countries young future. But keeping all these individual points aside the actual fact is that China does not allow other countries technology to be used by its citizens. They have their own Search Engines, Social Media Apps and other services for their people.

Finally, There are plenty of other multiplayer games which can improve players aggression. So as per our view, Banning a specific game cannot control the psychological health of the individual. It is because there are a plethora of ways to access that game. The person who is addicted finds his/her own path to play the game. So it is up to individuals mindset whether he/she needs to have proper control of their gaming stress.


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