PUBG Mobile Guide
PUBG Mobile Guide
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Let’s learn to play PUGB Mobile from the beginning. If you are a beginner then it’s sure that you need to know about the game before you start a gameplay. Here we covered a plethora of tweaks which helps you beginners into PUBG.

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Learn To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro – PUBG Mobile Guide

So what the heck is PUBG – Player Unknown BattleGrounds.?

PUBG is a Battle Royale game which lets you compete with 100 other gamers online through your smartphone. The gameplay allows you to land on to the ground through a SkyDive.

The total of hundred players are landed with a group of teams or individuals. The player who survives the match of 100 is called as “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and an award which means a Star is updated to his/her profile.

Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro:

So to become a pro in PUBG Mobile or to upgrade the heroic level on your profile, One need to know how is it played. Apart from learning how to play PUBG there are plethora of other complexities which makes a new gamer in PUBG fell difficult to play. Below is the complete guide on “To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro“.

The Begining

Once you have successfully installed the game on your mobile. Launching upon the first time you can see three options displayed on the screen. Which says you to play pubg as a guest or a login method via twitter or facebook.

Individuals can use any one of these three. I’ve suggest you use Facebook, As most of the games which we play on our devices are signed-in thrhough it and most of our friends are over there.

Make sure to choose a log in which you prefer the most.Learn To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro - PUBG Mobile Guide

The Lobby 

If you complete logging-in via the beginning method then you get to a lobby. The lobby is the place where you can access all the settings and chats. On the top right corner, you will find the game mode.

You can start the game of choosing the player or team type on the top right corner of the lobby. and on the bottom left you to find chat lists, From where you can call up your friends.

And on the top right corner of the lobby, you find the profile.Learn To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro - PUBG Mobile Guide


Lobby allows the gamer to choose a specific server. 5 different servers of various countries are available over there. On the right side of the server, there is a number in green or yellow color.

These numbers reveal ping time. The lower the ping time is, The lower the latency of the gameplay. The higher the ping rate is the chance of getting killed is high.Learn To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro - PUBG Mobile Guide


When you start a game in any mode, Either solo, duo or team within 60 seconds of load time the servers catch 100 other players to make a game with you.

Then on the gameplay, you get a MIC option. This helps you to interact with other players or your teammates. Click on the mic option and set it to block or to teammates or to the entire group. In the same sense if you want to hear other you can just tap on the speaker option over there.

Later the plane travels through a dotting line where you can select a drop point using the map. Click on the map and select the point where you want to land on.Learn To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro - PUBG Mobile Guide

Fighting zones

There are two different zones available in the game. White and the blue one are common. Apart from those zones, There is another Red Zone which appears for a dozen seconds and is bombarded.

If you are in the range of the bomb in the red zone, then its sure that you get killed by it. Even the vehicles get destroyed through the bombs. So to be aware of red zones you need to have a look at the map under regular intervals.Learn To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro - PUBG Mobile Guide

Facts about the red zone:
  • Once it appears, a player has a few seconds before the zone gets bombarded.
  • Red zones don’t move – it will not change its position, as the blue one would.
  • There cannot be more than one red zone at a time. It can appear in only one place, and
  • once the bombardment is over, a new one will appear after several seconds.
  • Red zones can appear anywhere, even outside a white zone and far away from any players.
  • A single bomb will always kill a character and can destroy any vehicle.
  • A Character inside a building is safe but he cannot stand by a door or look through a window.
  • Remaining inside a red zone during the bombardment does not mean instant death

VehiclesLearn To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro - PUBG Mobile Guide

Player gets few vehicles of the same design. These vehicles help you move from one place to another and loot the houses.

Icon Vehicle Occupants Top Speed Type Health
Vehicle car buggy icon.png
Buggy 2 •• 100 Km/H Land ~ 1540
Uaz 469 icon.png
UAZ (Open Top) 4 •••• 130 Km/H Land ~ 1820
Uaz 469 icon.png
UAZ (Closed Top) 4 •••• 130 Km/H Land ~ 1820
Vehicle bike sidecart icon.png
Motorcycle (w/ sidecar) 3 ••• 130 Km/H Land ~ 1025
Vehicle bike icon.png
Motorcycle 2 •• 152 Km/H Land ~ 1025
Vehicle car dacia icon.png
Dacia 1300 4 •••• 139 Km/H Land ~ 1820
Vehicle car mirado icon.png
Mirado 4 •••• 152 Km/h Land N/A
Vehicle minibus icon.png
Van 6 •••••• – Km/H Land N/A
Vehicle pickup icon.png
Pickup 4 •••• -72Km/H Land N/A
Vehicle Rony icon.png
Rony 4 •••• N/A Land N/A
Vehicle boat pg117 icon.png
PG-117 5 ••••• 90 Km/H Water ~ 1520
Vehicle jetski icon.png
Aquarail‎‎ 2 •• 90 Km/H Water N/A
This was a quick guide on “To Play PUBG Mobile Like a Pro”. Make sure to express your views in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this post on your social walls too.
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