Get Paid To Play Games For Money
Get Paid To Play Games For Money
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You might already know how to make a good career in the gaming industry. One needs to build an addictive game and can make loads of money. Here in this post, We are about to share something unique. If you are a gamer or the one who love playing games then here is how you can make money.

Now you can make money playing your favorite games. Yes! All you need to do is just play and have fun. Though there are plethora ways earning thorough gaming. But most you might have no idea of it.

There are thousands of people who are making millions of money every year only by showing their gaming skills. But no business is tough easy. You need to put loads of efforts and personal creativeness to get success.

Here Is How You Can Earn Money Playing Games

Whether you are a professional gamer or a noob it doesn’t matter. You can even be an average gamer like me who tries his/her best enough to win a game. Gaming is one of the faster and rapidly growing industry all across the globe. With the recent hit of PUBG and Fortnight plethora gamers from IndiaΒ have proven their gaming skills.

  • SO are you one among those gamers?
  • Do you have an excellence gaming skill?

And many more queries are raised up. Now whatever the query might be, You can easily earn through gaming all day. Here in this guide, We share some possible ways to earn money through gaming.

#1 Start A Gaming Channel On YouTube

Yes! This seems a bit crazy but YOUTUBE is the best platform to expose your skills to everyone. So start a gaming channel now itself and live to stream your gameplay. Keep all your internet anxiety aside and just do it.

There are loads of small gaming channels on youtube which make the best gaming commentary and entertain their audience. So be a part of them and start earning bucks part time while you game.

Create your own gaming channel on youtube and start earning instantly. The term instantly doesn’tΒ mean that you can earn within a minute or more. What I mean here is that you can earn in the most possible time. So this becomes the best possible path to earn bucks through youtube by streaming your gameplays online.

#2 Participate in Gaming Competitions and Tournaments

Likely to the real sports, The gaming competitions and tournaments are held in your cities. Make sure to grab the best information from those organizations which events a game competition.

Recently when PUBG Mobile gained wide popularity in India, Many groups and organizations offered plethora tournaments and competitions. People from different places joined the game and have won exciting prizes.

But there is a drawback in joining gaming competitions. The main drawback is that average gamers cant give a tough competition to those professional gamers in the event. SO you need come up with your own strategies to win the event.

#3 Gaming Review

This is the best concept to deal with. But you need to own a computer with best specifications. Thereafter you have to review each and every latest game released in the market.

You might want to know how is it done.? Simply provide a specific rating to the graphics and response and features of the game. That’s it! Then express your own views about the game. If this got success, Then you can have loads of sponsors.

For this, You need a social page like a facebook fan page or a twitter or Instagram business profile and even a youtube channel where you can share your thoughts about the game. We are sure that within a few months you will gain a huge audience. Then after you start to get review units from the developers of the game before the launch.

Isn’t This an Awesome Concept?

#4 Share Gaming Strategies

You can also earn money by sharing gaming strategies. Here is how it’s done! You might be a game expert and pass missions of any game easily. Then you can share those gaming strategies of you and make a gaming video which is nothing but a recorded video of your gameplay.

Then share it to all the social networks and help others. By doing this work under regular schedules you can gain an engaging and huge audience. I’m sure many people take your help through the videos which you have posted online.

Now you might have a question that it works or not?

Yep! It works. I got help from youtube to cross mission of a few specific actions/shooter games. That’s the reason I guarantee you that this concept works fine. All you need to do is to post different videos related to a gaming strategy.

#5 Become a Beta Tester

Go ahead and get a contract with a gaming company to test their games. In most cases, they might reject your application for the security reasons of the game. But trust me, if you are a well-known profile of the gamer community then surely you get a chance to be a game tester.

Wrapping Up! You can report bugs of a game and earn money. These were the best hacks to earn money with a game. I hope you found this post useful and make sure to share your methods of earning money with gameplay in the comments section below. Make sure to share this post on all your social walls.


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