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Organic Weed Killer- 5 different organic weed killers

The question many people ask is “Why use an organic weed killer?”.  The reason is simple…the organic weed killer will not leave toxins behind that get into the soil, on plants and vegetables, and can therefore get on our families and pets while in the yard.

Here are 5 ways to kill weeds organically:

1. Boiling Water- not much to this one.  Very easy, just spray the boiling water on the weeds. This works, but is not as effective as some of the other organic weed killers.

2. Vinegar – put one ounce of liquid soap for every gallon of vinegar.  The soap is there to help the vinegar stick to the leaves.  The acid in the vinegar removes the moisture from the leave and prevents them from living. This work the best on hot, sunny days. You will probably want to get the vinegar from a landscaping store as it will be stronger than the vinegar at the grocery store.

3. Bleach – just fill a spray bottle with bleach and a little liquid soap and you are ready to go.

4. Rubbing alcohol– add 1 tablespoon to every cup of water

5. Corn Gluten Meal– this method doesn’t actually kill weeds but helps prevent them from growing.  The cheapest place to find the corn gluten meal is at a animal feed store.  You can use regular corn meal the you get from the grocery store, but it will not be as effective.

Another way to remove weeds is to do it yourself. It is not the easiest way, but still one of the best ways to remove the weeds without killing the plants or hurting the environment around them.

A final note…make sure you spray all of these killers directly on the weeds you want killed and nothing else, as they will kill whatever they come in contact with.

Organic Weed Control in your Garden

Most everyone hates the process of weeding their garden.  Either you  have to spray the weeds, hopefully using one of the organic methods listed previously on this site, or you have to get down and dirty to pick them by hand.  Well, there is something else you can do  to save time and reduce the hard work:  set up your garden to give weeds less opportunity to grow in the first place.  Here are some ways to do just that:

1. Rotate Crops – In addition to reducing weeds, it will also help your soil maintain good quality.

2. Be Choosy – Choose certain varieties of plants that are bred to compete against weeds.  These plants block the sun or steal the nutrients from the soil making it harder for weeds to grow.  Also, choose quality seeds.  Seeds that germinate quickly will create a canopy with their leaves more quickly and then block the sun to make it harder on weeds to grow.

3. Stay Close – Try to space the plants close together, as well as spacing the rows close together.  This will help your plants in competing with the weeds for soil nutrients and make it harder for weeds to thrive.

4. Use coverings – Once your plant has established itself, use mulch, hay or shavings to cover the ground around the plants.  This will also help in keeping the soil moisture high.

5. Use raised beds – The soil when you raise a bed is already weed free.  While you will get a few weed seeds in the garden from the wind or animals, it will be much fewer.

Hopefully, this will help everyone who is trying to have a nice garden and keep the weeding to a minimum.

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