Special Numbers in Hacking Technology Explained!
Special Numbers in Hacking Technology Explained!
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You might be aware of those numbers which most hackers prefer to use as nicknames in this internet world. Few of them arise, start from 1337, 3DES, 419 etc. But I’m sure that most of you have no idea what those numbers mean.

What is 3DES

What Is 2600 in Hacking

419 Scam Explained !!

“Special Numbers in Hacking Technology Explained!”

There are a few numbers which play significant roles in the field of hacking. Here we share few among them. You might hear about 1337 hacker who is also known as leet. In the same sense, There are other numbers which have an immense impact on the field of hacking.


The number 2600 plays a crucial role in the fields of hacking. This number is nothing but a frequency which is calculated in Hertz. Earlier when AT&T Bell labs introduced a communication technology which used to cost huge for its call charges. The more distance the caller’s location is the more amount used to be charged.

Later few hackers exposed a vulnerability with the help of a whistle from kids toys. This resulted in generating 2600 Hz tones and made them call at free cost. With this amount of frequency, Users had free calls around long distances also.

The hackers who are involved in hacking communication systems, Which means that people who are interested in hacking telephones are known as phreakers. So in the world of phreaking 2600hz is widely used. Apart from the world of telephone network this amount of frequency is also used in ATARI computer gaming systems.


Alternatively referred to as the Africa or Nigeria scam. This 419 scam is named after the penal code that it is prosecuted under those countries. and is done over Email or fax telling the recipient they’ve won the lottery or in contact with a businessman, official, widow etc.

Who needs hep withdrawing money. Often this is a large sum of money, EG. Several hundred thousand or several million dollars that you’re promised in part or whole.

Examples Of The 419 Scam:

So the time when you get an email and after your response, The scammer wants you to make a small deposit. Reasoning that this deposit helps you withdraw a large sum from the account.


DES here stands for Data Encryption Standards. Data encryption standards were introduced in the year 1976 which means security where all the data is stored in binary language and needs a key to unlock it.

Encryption is also known as Triple DES, Triple Data Encryption Algorithm etc. All these encryption algorithms need a symmetric key to unlock. Another major reason behind the number 3 in 3DS is that this standard is that it applies encryption triple times.

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