Never Do These On Your Computer Computer Tricks and Secrets
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There are a few things which you should never perform on a computer. Upon doing those the lifespan of the system decreases and might even get hacked. So all you need to do is change the way you’ve to use a computer. 

“Never Do These On Your Computer | Computer Tricks and Secrets”

In order to increase the lifespan of your computer, You have to follow few methods through which the computer can run robustly. Most of you never bother about the heat a computer generates and installing games and files which are downloaded from pirated sites. Along with that measure, there are other things which you should know about.

Free Up Computer Vents

Many kids never bother about this. They just bock the exhaust fans on CPU’s. A fan on a CPU makes all the components of the CPU work fine without being affected from the heat. Though dust gets stored it won’t affect the hardware.

So never block exhaust on a desktop or laptop. Blocking it generates loads of heat inside and in few cases the processor can even blow up.

Never Delete SYSTEM Files

To free up space on hard drive, Computer noobs try to delete system files from the C Disk. They simply try to delete them. In most cases, they won’t get deleted but beings a computer noob you’ve to try plethora third-party tools to delete them.

This makes the entire system crash and even corrupts the hard drive. So never delete system files. If you aren’t aware of system files, Then never deal with the C Drive. C Drive is the place where all the system files are stored on.

Never Clean Computer SCREENS With Liquids

Ever did this? We use different chemicals to clean our computer screens. Many use shiners and even nail polish removers to clean the screens. It’s because a drop of liquid inside the computer screen can damage it.

There are other liquids which help us to clean the screens. But even they need to be used under proper precautions. So always be aware of this and use microfibers to clean the screens rather than different types of cotton.

Never Handle DVD Drive With Hands

Most of us do this. Yup, Even I do the same. While the time of opening we use the buttons and then insert CD or DVD then we hardly push it into the computer. This makes the motor fixed inside the Drive damage. So never handle them hard. Always make use of the small button which is meant to open and close the CD or DVD drive.


Never use the same passwords to all the online accounts. Make sure to use strong passwords for different online accounts of yours. This can improve your online security and make your risks low from getting hacked.

It’s because using the same passwords for all the online accounts improve the risks of hacking your all online accounts. So never use the same passwords everywhere.

Surf Then Internet Safely

Never surf untrusted websites. And make sure to be free from torrent sites and other pirated sites and even porn sites too. Visiting those sites might infect the system with background processing javascript codes. So always make sure to use an antivirus while you surf the internet or use a trusted VPN.

 Never Let Your Pets Come Around Your Computer

Agree or Don’t, Most pets like dogs fur gets off to them. If this got inside, might harm your computer’s hardware. Though it cant, there are cases which made many systems vandalize.


many of you just install a software without having a look at its installation process. You’ve just clicked on Next, Next and Agree to the installation process. Never do this. A program can even install plethora other toolbars and even few games install plenty of unneeded apps. SO make sure you download a program from a trusted site and have a look at all the permissions needed by the program while its installation.

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Clean Ony When Unplugged

In plethora cases, many people clean their systems when its plugged up. Though the supply might be off, never do this. This can harm you and even the system. And never touch the hardware unless you have proper knowledge of it. Always make sure to unplug and clean the system and use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust inside.

Never Place Magnets Aside Your System

Not only computer, Never place magnets aside electrical systems. This can corrupt the data inside the system and even damage the hardware. Many of us have already done and done this. We place magnets on the electrical screens and play with the colors and misuse the screen. If you want to improve the lifespan of the computer then make sure not to place magnets beside them.


Never Heat Computers Too Much

Though you got a system with high-end hardware and game on it. But making computers heat too much can reduce the ability of solder and distract the hardware. So always make sure to use or make a computer run at normal temperature.

In the end, These were the best methods to improve the lifespan of a computer. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.

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