Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #2
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The internet is filled with amazing websites which can make us smarter and brighter. Among those wide variety websites, Here we brought you few of them. Make sure to check our first version here on this term most amazing websites on the internet.

“Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #2”

The site makes it easier for you to find cheap flights. This secret website Find flights which most airlines don’t want you to see. They expose loopholes in airfare pricing. So play around the site and compare the fares with the other travel booking sites.skiplagged


Google has been doing a lot of experiments with robots. This experiment shows that there is evidence that robots have taken control over Google. The cofounders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin have been ousted from the company.

Date to Date Calculator

This date-to-date calculator lets you calculate time and days between two dates. All you need to do is enter two dates and click on Calculate Duration. Then the results between those two dates are shown. This site can be helpful for you to calculate how many days old are you.

Under the alternative time units, The detailed information is provided on the given dates. This shows time in seconds, Hours, Minutes and weeks etc.

Date To Date Calculator

Mailbox Locator

Sometimes it gets difficult for you to locate USPS (United States Postal Service) mailbox, But with this site makes it easier. All you need to do is just put in the zip code and hit on enter. That’s it, All the mailboxes near to your location are shown.

Mailbox Locator

Faces Of Facebook

This site reminds us how small we are when considering the big picture. The entire length of this website is loaded with over 1.2 Billion users and each one is identified with their own number. of course, Mark Zuckerberg is number 1. To find your face and number, You can log in with your Facebook account.

Faces Of Facebook

Hotel WI-FI Test

Here is another travel website for you to check out. For many travelers staying at a hotel with slow wifi is unacceptable. If this ever happened to you, Then head over to Hotel WI-FI test before you book your next hotel. This site helps us to check which hotel provided fastest wifi and hotels which provide free wifi. Apply search filters and surf the site.

Hotel WI-FI Test


This website curates all of the funniest and worse postings on Facebook. So if you wanna check out all of the funny and worse posts on facebook all together at one place checkout @lamebook.



There is nothing more annoying calling customer service and trying to navigate a maze of phone prompts before actually speaking to a human. Gethuman can give the buttons you need to get connected with a human. All you need to do is find a company which you wish to contact and all you do is follow the onscreen instructions.


Can I Stream It?

Search the show which you would like to watch in the search bar. There the results show you all the available platforms where you can watch a specific show or movie. For example, if a show is available on Netflix, Is shows and says you that you can watch it only under subscription. And alternatives are shows where you can watch that movie or show.


Pixel Thoughts

This amazing website lets you meditate up to 60 seconds. All you do is enter a taught that is bothering you, And then click on done. There you need to follow the on-screen instructions and watch your stress go away.


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amazing websites on the internet

websites on the internet

hotel wi-fi test

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websites on the internet #2



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