Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1
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There are many amazing websites on the internet. Here we share with you few of them. Here is our list one of Most Amazing Websites On The Internet.

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“Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1”

#1 10 Minuter Mail

As the term describes, This site offer’s us an email address for 10 minutes. This is useful for those users who immediately need to sign up for a new mail. The site also reduces spamming on your default email address.

All you need to do is just go to and copy the email address provided for you there. As the webpage loads, The countdown will be started. Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

#2 Fake Name Generator

In this internet world, We might encounter plethora situations where we need to hide our identity with fake information. There this site helps you the most from it. All you need to do is go to fakenamegenerator and choose specific options under “Your Randomly Generated identity”. Then you get all the fake information.Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

#3 Madeon’s Adventure Machine

This site allows you to play around with Madeon’s Adventure Machine. Make your own mix using the samples he’s used in his debut album Adventure.Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

#4 camelcamelcamel

If you are regular Amazon customer, Then you might hear about this site. This cool site sends you an alert when there is a price drop on the selected product. Just subscribe to this site and have fun. visit camelcamelcamelMost Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

#5 HackerTyper

If you wanna prank on your friends, siblings that you are an expert hacker. All you need to do is visit HackerTyper type in whatever you want. All the text you enter appears in form of a code.

To surprise, Your friends just hit on ALT key on the keyboard. Am sure that people start to think that you are an expert hacker.Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

#6 Mt.Everest In 3D

Scaling the height of the Mount Everest is an unrealistic dream for us. But thank to the technology, This simple app gives you a virtual trek feeling to Mount Everest.

Mt.Everest In 3D
Image Source:


#7 Down For Everyone or Just Me

I’ve encountered many cases where we cannot connect to a site on the internet. So if you want to know that the site is only down for you or everyone, Go to downforeveryoneorjustme and search for the site which was just down on your device.Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

#8 Account Killer

Account killer is a site which shows you to close the account on any social networking site. Choose the desired network from which you want to close an account. Then the site shows you the instructions. Visit Account KillerMost Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

#9 Project Alexandria

This is one of the foremost popular sites among book reading lovers. This site recommends you five books under title and author names. So make sure to have a try on this site. Visit hereMost Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

#10 A Good Movie To Watch

Most you love watching movies. And few might be highly addictive. Yes, Even me. But you know whenever i want to watch a movie, I can’t find a good one. Within a few minutes,I get rid of a movie then skip to another.

But agoodmovietowatch has solved my issues. All we need to do is open the site and find movie streaming sites. Then the site finds a good movie for you. Here in my case i chose Netflix India and got a list of movies as you see in the image below.Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1

Finally, These were “Most Amazing Websites On The Internet #1“. make sure to follow us for the next version of this title under #2. Hope you found this post useful. And make sure to share your impressions on this post in the comments section below. Do follow our blog techFlout for more and more interesting tech guides. Don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.


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