Refrigerator Types and its Technologies at a Glance
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The Indian market has multiple fridge types across many brands. They are also laced with many advanced technologies to suit diverse customers.

Hence, if you want to what kind of refrigerators with advanced technologies that are available in India, then you can go through this post.

Types of refrigerators that you can find in India

  • Compact refrigerator – It is also known as the bar refrigerator, which is considered good for an individual. The capacity of such fridges is between 50 liters and 100 liters. They are available at a reasonable price. Leading brands like Haier, Godrej and Electrolux such compact refrigerators.
  • Single door refrigerator – It is the most popular fridge type in India with a capacity of 150-250 liters. It is considered good for couples and small families. All major brands except Hitachi offer single door refrigerators in India.
  • Double door refrigerator – As the name suggests, the fridge comes with two doors – one for the main unit and one for the freezer. Such devices are good for a family of 3-5 members. The capacity is from 230 litres onwards.
  • Bottom mounted refrigerator – Such refrigerators contain two doors, but the freezer is at the bottom. Such models are good for families that use less frozen food. It is because it would keep them off from bending taking out food from the refrigerator.
  • Side-by-side refrigerator – The fridge is usually split into two halves in a side-by-side refrigerator. One half is for large volume/space for the freezer and with another side of the freezer being narrower. They also come with in-built water and ice dispenser with an external user interface panel.
  • French door refrigerator – French door fridges are the biggest in size and versatile, which contain 3 or more doors. These are best refrigerators for well-to-do or affluent families willing to categorize their foods.

Leading fridge technologies in India

Managing a multi-door refrigerator may be tough for consumers. It is because you may not require the freezer or may need to store a small quantity in it. Leading brands have understood this issue and come up with the convertibility feature. It lets the freezer to be converted to the refrigerator.

The modern breed of refrigerators now come with 360-degree airflow technology. It is helpful in maintaining even temperature inside the fridge. Its multi air vents circulate air all around to make every corner of the refrigerator evenly cooled. As a result, items in the fridge stay fresh for longer hours.

  • Ice beam door cooling technology

Nowadays, you can see double door refrigerators coming with ice beam door cooling technology. It is responsible for maintaining even temperature throughout the fridge. As a result, when you store food items in the refrigerator, it remains fresh for a longer time. The cooling is 35% faster compared to the traditional cooling system.

  • StayCool technology

Many best refrigerator models are now being launched with StayCool technology to keep food frozen for some hours even, without power. Godrej is one such brand that has come with this cooling gel technology to keep freezer even colder in the absence of power. It means that even ice creams stored in the fridge won’t melt for hours in case of blackouts. This technology used in the Godrej Refrigerator makes it the best fridge companies in the world.

  • Insulated capillary technology

These days, a leading brand in India such as Whirlpool has also come with the Insulated capillary technology in its series of direct cool fridges. It surrounds the capillary with super cold gas. With the use of this technology, the freezer achieves cold temperature as low as up to -26 degrees. The technology also works to retain the cooling capacity of the freezer even during power-cuts for up to 12 hours.

  • Crisper technology

The best refrigerators in single door and double door category are also equipped with crisper technology. It is to keep vegetables and fruits crisp and fresh for long. Some of the crisper technologies are:

  • Fresh and soft crisper – A mini crisper is given inside the main crisper to sort the being stored item. You can store fruits in the mini crisper, while you can stuff the rest of the crisper with vegetables.
  • Twin seal crisper – It is a simple crisper style that easily assigns space for fruits and vegetables.
  • Trizone crispers – You can keep veggies in three different zones to maintain their moisture and freshness. This way, you can sort out different vegetables and even prevent the intermixing of odours. Now, you won’t need to worry about the fruits and vegetables losing their shapes and nutritive values.

Some of the leading refrigerator technologies available in the Indian market are listed for your reference. You can opt for a fridge type and its technology depending upon the needs of the family members.Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 


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