Visa on arrival means a person gets his visa after his arrival. Firstly he has to go the visa counter. At the visa counter, he or she has to pay and apply for the visa. This is pasted into his or her passport right away before he or she moves to immigration. If there is no visa required, it signals that the person can proceed from the plane to directly migrate and is not required to pay anything. It is limited to certain entry points. For example, International airports and major borders, the place where the border crossing is not available, a person will need to apply for the regular visa in advance. He/ she does not have to give proof for the purpose he or she wants to migrate. At that point, there is no time boundation.

Visa on arrival for Malaysia

This process for obtaining Malaysia visa on arrival for Indians has been simplified by the Malaysian government to give a boost to the tourism in Thailand, Singapore, etc. The government of Malaysia has brought in new regulations about the electronic visa or we can say e-visa. Since its implementation, it has been seen that more than 6 lakhs people visit Malaysia every year. The total visitors in Malaysia saw an increase of 30% in the year 2018. When an individual visits other countries like Malaysia, then he/she is likely to obtain a visa with a valid reason. When the individual goes to the countries like this, then they are required to visit the visa counter and pay for the arrival visa before taking the flight. The customer care pastes the visa on the passport and does the required verification.

A Malaysia visa on arrival is the permit the individual gets after he or she enters Malaysia. To stay in that country, he/she has to immigrate at the visa counter, pay for the visa and get the stamp of approval on the passport, all after reaching Malaysia. The visa is available for certain nationalities and certain checkpoints only.

How can Indians get the Visa

Currently, the Malaysian government gives the visa to only two countries. These countries are India and China. If an Indian wants to apply for the visa, then he/she must have to fulfill some conditions that might include he/she is arriving from Indonesia, Thailand or Singapore, and then they must hold the valid reason to go to Malaysia like is the visit for tourism, business purpose or study purpose. If the Indian possesses 1000 USD in his bank account, it is only then that he or she holds the permit to apply for the visa. Besides this, he or she is required to pay 100 USD which is the fee for the visa on arrival. If these conditions including proper heath conditions are met, then an Indian can easily go to Malaysia. So, these are certain things you must be clear on while looking forward to visiting Malaysia.


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