Latest WhatsApp Feature from The Developers - 'Restricted Group'
Latest WhatsApp Feature from The Developers - 'Restricted Group'
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Whatsapp few latest updates. These new features of the application are quite impressive. This new feature allows whatsapp group admins to post and share content.

Latest WhatsApp Feature from The Developers

Whats app is foremost popular instant messaging application. Available for all the smartphone platforms, The app got a new feature with a latest update. This new feature is sure to impress Admins of a whats app group. Restricted GroupYou’ve know since Facebook bought whats app, There has been a lot of developments on it. Plethora features like live location sharing, Payment feature for Indian users and few features have been implemented to the app.

Now, To control span over group messages, Whats app restricts users of a group from posting stuff.

Yes! The app now allows latest feature which  now lets group admins restrict messages in groups.  The feature has been rolled out in the beta version for both IOS and Android devices. The feature will be available as soon as possible in the latest update of the app.

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