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Pname Com Facebook.Orca is a folder, which is automatically created when anyone installed FB messenger in his or her phone. It is an error message, which will show on android or iOS phones. This message appears on phone because of disagreement between facebook messenger app and your phone. It is happening because of caches of facebook messenger. When you try to open your Facebook messenger app, an error message “ appear, which means there is some conflict between your facebook messenger and phone. This folder helps you to store all your audio file, cache, video file of facebook messenger.

Importance and advantages of Pname Com Facebook Orca error: 

Maybe the error message frustrates you, but it is one of the best ways to retrieve your FB conversation. The Pname Com Facebook orca error folder plays very important role to retrieve any deleted chats from your phone. This folder contains all the information such as images, plug-ins, cache related to messenger application. It is not a malware or virus. It is a folder, which is created automatically when you install FB messenger app on your android device. If you do not have facebook messenger app in your phone then you will never experience pop-ups of this error message.

Reasons for Messenger Experiences Malfunctions:

To know the reasons that can directly affect your facebook messenger and displays warning or error messages on your android or iOS phone screen, some important reasons are as follows:

  • Using the facebook messenger app in concurrent with the other applications.
  • May be you are using outdated or bugged application.
  • Outdated operating system.
  • Unintentional deletion of some of the files.
  • Over use of the application.
  • Updated application or OS but leads to incompatibility issues.

Ways to Fix the Pname Com Facebook Orca Error: 

If you want to permanently fix your Pname Com Facebook Orca error message, then it requires little effort. However, you do not need to download any app to remove this folder. There is variety of ways available to fix Pname Com Facebook Orca message. Some popular ways are given below.

  • Uninstall the Facebook messenger app and reinstall the latest version of Facebook Messenger from play store.
  • Go to the setting, click on the Facebook app and clear all the cache data.
  • Try an App cleaner that can restore and optimize the functions of your applications.
  • You can also try to disable or enable the option of Facebook.
  • Turn off your phone and restart it after three to four minutes.

Use Com.Facebook.Orca to recover your deleted messages:

When you want to get and retrieve the deleted facebook conversation and messages then you require ES file explorer on your android device or desktop. However, with the help of using Com. Facebook. Orca folder, you can also recover your deleted message or conversation.

Method 1: Directly recover Facebook deleted messages. 

Method 2: Recover Message from PC. 

With the help of these two ways, you can retrieve your messenger conversations and chats.



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